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Bitter Chocolate (Oggy and the Cockroaches)

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Bitter Chocolate/Chocolate Wars

Title Chocolate Wars.png

The start of an iconic French cartoon.
Part of Season: 1 (Original)

6 (Remaster)

Episode Number: 1a (Original)

34 (Remaster)

Air Date: September 6, 1998 (France, Original)
September 8, 1998 (Canada, Original)
September 12, 1998 (USA, Original)
June 14, 2018 (Remaster)
Writer: Jim Gomez
Director: Olivier Jean Marie
Previous episode: Pilot (secret episode)

The Tenants (Remaster)

Next episode: French Fries (Production)
It's All Under Control (Airdate) (Original)
Nature's Call (Remaster)

Bitter Chocolate is the first episode of Oggy and the Cockroaches. It then got a remastered version in Season 6, known as "Chocolate Wars".


Oggy gets a deliver which Is none other but box of chocolates, however the roaches steal it from him, and after many tries to get it back, Jack helps Oggy and first displays a significant hartred against the roaches. Will the two get their revenge against the trio of vermin and retrieve the chocolate box as well?

Why This Episode Is Anything But Bitter

  1. Awesome and smooth animation for 1998 standards
  2. Great and catchy soundtrack, especially the ones played in both the stairs scenes.
  3. Fun and interesting chasing sequences and some funny moments like the scene where Jack gets grinded by a pepper grinder or the stairs scenes where the chase sequence occurs.
  4. The Cockroaches and Oggy are likable characters.
  5. References to reality, like in the ending where Oggy explodes after eating chocolate as cats can't eat chocolate.
  6. Funny ending: After Oggy accidentally blew up the entire house except the fridge, the Cockroaches and Oggy make up with each other and the lad is given a piece of chocolate, which turns out to be a bomb which makes Oggy explode, much to the cockroaches' hilarity.
  7. It's basically an episode inspired by the intro sequence, which is a nice touch.
  8. It started a great cartoon, like The Ed-touchables.

Bad Qualities

  1. It feels weird how the roaches knew how Oggy got blown up from the inside of the refridgerator.
  2. Two animation errors in the remake: One it's Joey's arm disappearing when Jack finds the roaches with the binocular and the other one can be found when Jack shows the giant insecticide bottle, in a shot the chalks in the blackboard switched place with the ones from "Oggy and the Magic flute" or "Roaches charmer" starring Marky.


  • It holds a rating of 7.4/10 on IMDB, while the remastered version holds a 6/10.


  • Probably because of it being the pilot, the cockroachesʼ laughs sound different and more lower-pitched. Later episodes would mix both laughs at specific instances.
  • The title of the remastered version is a reference to the Star Wars franchise.
  • Check out the differences between the original and remastered versions by clicking here.
  • It spawned the famous “Jack Screaming“ meme. You can find pictures of the originated/remastered versions of the meme by scrolling down to the “Gallery“ section.

Full Episode (Original Only)



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