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Black Mirror

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Black Mirror
Black mirror.jpg
The Future is Broken.
Genre: Science fiction, Anthology
Country: United Kingdom
Release Date: December 4, 2011-June 5, 2019
Network(s): Channel 4 (2011-2014)
Netflix (2016-2019)
Created by: Charlie Brooker
Distributed by: Endemol Shine UK
Starring: Jon Hamm
Rafe Spall
Seasons: 5
Episodes: 22 + Interactive Film

Black Mirror is a British cyberpunk-oriented science fiction anthology series by Charlie Brooker. It was originally broadcast on Channel 4 from 2011 to 2014, and it became a Netflix exclusive in 2016.

Why It Rocks

  1. Each episode deals with technology and how it affects society.
  2. The episodes are standalone, meaning you can watch them in any order you like.
  3. Genre fluidity: the show experiments with different genres such as horror (Playtest), military science-fiction (Men Against Fire), political drama (The Waldo Moment) and romantic comedy (Hang the DJ), meaning there's something for everyone.
  4. Amazing acting, sets, and cinematography.
  5. The twists are absolutely shocking.
  6. Despite being science fiction, some episodes can really happen in real life, such as the episode "Shut Up and Dance".
  7. There's even a film called Black Mirror: Bandersnatch which is a "choose your own adventure" movie, a unique take on the movie medium.
  8. The way it's filmed can also be inventive: in "Nosedive" it's all in pastel colours, and in "Metalhead" it's entirely black and white.
  9. The creators also responded to criticism positively, one person mocked the show by saying "Next on Black Mirror, what if phones, but too much?", which evolved into the twist in Playtest and a fictional Internet article in Hated in the Nation.
  10. Many great episodes, like the National Anthem, Fifteen Million Merits, The Entire History of You, Be Right Back, White Bear, White Christmas, Shut Up and Dance, Hated in the Nation, San Junipero, Nosedive, USS Callister, Metalhead and Hang the DJ.

Bad Qualities

  1. The episode Men Against Fire had a predictable plot twist.
  2. The early episodes have quite a low emphasis on technology.
  3. Some mediocre episodes like The Waldo Moment, Playtest (depending on your view), the aforementioned Men Against Fire, Crocodile, Arkangel, Black Museum, and the entire fifth season: Striking Vipers, Smithereens and Rachel, Jack and Ashley too. (However, the cinematography, sets and acting were still good).
  4. Season 5 is considered the weakest season in the show and had only three episodes. Furthermore, it feels completely inferior to the other Black Mirror seasons.
    • Striking Vipers is a blatant rip off of the film Brokeback Mountain, the only difference is that the episode is science fiction, and the men were African Americans. Furthermore, the premise is boring as it was already used in other media like Ready Player One and Sword Art Online. In fact, the poster (and episode itself) also rip off the film Moonlight, possibly trying to cash in the success of the movie.
    • Smithereens also has a boring premise. Furthermore, it was also mainly inspired by an incident when the writer, Charlie Brooker hired an Uber and the driver got away just to get water, and the plot mainly focuses on the same incident.
    • Rachel, Jack and Ashley too is the most inferior to all the other episodes and was a very poor way to end the show.
  5. Overuse of eye implants.


  • The name "black mirror" comes from the reflection visible on a screen that's turned off. Every episode has a character staring into the "black mirror".
  • According to the BBFC classification, Black Mirror: Bandersnatch has a combined run time of 5 hours 12 minutes, despite the average choice path being 90 minutes.
  • Some things in the series have become a reality, such as China's (or as M.R.R. likes to call it, Coronavirusland´s) "social credit system".


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