Ghost with the Most (Teen Titans GO!)

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“Ghost With the Most" is the 29th episode of the sixth season of Teen Titans Go!, and the 290th overall episode of the series. It is a crossover with Beetlejuice.

Why it Rocks

  • Beetlejuice crossovers with the episode.
  • Beetlejuice, while was not reprised by Michael Keaton, was voiced by Alex Brightman, who voiced him in the musical.
  • They have a large amount of references, including the things that Beetlejuice has in his way (Broadway, Hawaii, and Winona Ryder respectively), and the Titans changing their faces to look scary, Day-O, and even Beetlejuice having a shrunken head at the end.
  • Stop using the B-word!
  • Better animation than other episodes of the series.
  • Because of the positive reception, Beetlejuice was a good crossover choice.
  • The Titans (especially Robin) are a lot more likeable.

Bad Qualities

  • As with other episodes of the series, butt jokes are overused, specifically on the Day-O scene, where they are TWERKING.
  • Robin’s ugly face scene is pretty disgusting.
  • While Alex Brightman was a good Beetlejuice voice actor, it would be better if Michael Keaton reprised the role.

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