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Blue's Clues & You!

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Blue's Clues & You!
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"It begins with a paw print!"
Genre: Educational
Running Time: 21–26 minutes
Country: United States
Release Date: November 11, 2019 – present
Network(s): Nickelodeon
Created by: Traci Paige Johnson
Todd Kessler
Angela Santomero
Distributed by: Paramount Domestic Media Networks
Starring: Traci Paige Johnson
Doug Murray
Leo Orgil
Jordana Blake
Ava Augustin
Jacob Soley
Brad Adamson
Gisele Rousseau
Abigail Nicholson
Nico Ceci
Shazdeh Kapadia
Luxton Handspiker
Seasons: 3
Episodes: 49
Previous show: Blue's Room (2004-2007)

Blue's Clues & You! is a reboot of the hit Nick Jr preschool series, Blue's Clues. It premiered on Nickelodeon affiliates on November 11, 2019, the same day as Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum.


Blue invites viewers to join her and friend Josh on a clue-led adventure and solve a puzzle.

Why It Will Figure It Out Again

  1. It stays faithful to the original Blue's Clues series, and the reboot even has a reference to the original Blues Clues series pilot.
  2. It's a huge improvement over Blue's Room and Seasons 5 and 6 of the original show.
  3. Joe's character is redeemed and he becomes more likable than he was in the original show.
  4. The CGI animation is beautiful.
  5. Extremely catchy theme song.
  6. Josh is an amazing host for this reboot.
  7. A lot of the original characters return such as "Mailbox", "Tickety Tock", and "Sidetable Drawer", and even Steve and Joe return.
  8. Paprika and Cinnamon get two new baby siblings named Sage and Ginger.
  9. Steve and Joe make a return in the first ever episode.
    • Joe makes another appearance in "Blue’s Sing Along Spectacular".
  10. It was also surprising that Blue's Clues came back 13 years later since it has been long left in dormant for an eleven year time period, 2007-2018.
  11. As of Season 2, they now only take plots from the original and make something new out of it, rather than making a full remake in Season 1.
  12. On the show's "3 Little Ducks" sing-along video on YouTube, They sing it twice, once in English and once in Tagalog, which teaches kids to sing in Tagalog.
  13. The animated characters are cute and lovable as always, especially the lovely little Blue since she retains her original personality.
  14. The 25th anniversary of the franchise was great and the video where Steve talks to the older fans who grew up watching him, talking about how far he and the fans came was heartwarming, emotional, and tear-jerking.
  15. Unlike Thomas & Friends: All Engines Go!, it actually respects its source material and the formula set up by it.

Bad Qualities

  1. Most of the episodes in Season 1 are just remakes of episodes from the original, which can get pretty boring and dull if the series always relied on remaking episodes without making anything new to them.
    • With that, some remakes had negative continuity. Here are examples:
      • In the "Blue's Birthday" remake, "Happy Birthday, Blue!", Blue gets Turquoise as a present again.
      • In the "Imagine Nation" remake, "Blue's Big Imagination", Mr. Salt again does not understand imagination.
  2. The CGI could be a bit ugly to some people, and one could argue if this reboot should have kept the 2D animation. This is especially when the CGI characters are in a low frame rate, looking like a Dreamcast, PS2, GBA, GameCube or an Xbox cutscene.
  3. Plot hole: There is an episode that is a remake to an episode of the original show where Magenta gets glasses as it shows us and the audience that this show is a sequel to the original Blue's Clues, so it might get confusing to younger viewers that have not seen the original series during reruns on Nick Jr.
  4. The song "We Just Got a Letter" was changed into "We Just Got an Email", though the former song is still used, but rarely. Though, to be fair, this can basically be understandable since most people usually get emails in the modern times instead of letters.