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Mum! Dad! Bingo! Bluey!
Genre: Preschool
Running Time: 7 minutes
Country: Australia
Release Date: 1 October 2018 – present
Network(s): ABC Kids (Australia)
Disney Junior (Outside Australia and NZ)
Disney Channel (Outside Australia and NZ)
Cbeebies (Australia and UK)
TVNZ (New Zealand)
Created by: Joe Brumm
Distributed by: BBC Studios
Ludo Studio
Australian Broadcasting Corporation
Starring: David McCormack
Melanie Zanetti
Myf Warhurst
Megan Washington
Seasons: 2
Episodes: 104

Bluey is an Australian cartoon that airs on ABC Kids as of 2018. As of 2019, the show airs on Disney Channel & Disney Junior in the United States. It also airs on CBeebies in the UK and TVNZ in New Zealand.


Follows the adventures of a Blue Heeler puppy, Bluey, who lives with her mum, dad, and sister. Her energy and lovable spirit gets her into all kinds of funny and unpredictable situations.

Why It Rocks

  1. The art style is adorable and well drawn.
  2. The animation is very fluid and well-made, and also focuses on the backgrounds rather than just the main focus.
  3. It follows the slice-of-life formula by relatable characters and situations, such as going to school and trying new things.
  4. Great, heartwarming and memorable soundtrack & music score by Joff Bush.
  5. Depicts play time in a positive light.
  6. There are amazing morals in each episode, which include:
    • "The Magic Xylophone", which teaches kids that they should take turns.
    • "Daddy Robot" has a good moral about you should tidy up rather than letting your parents do all the work.
    • "Bike", which teaches kids to learn how to take risks, never give up, and overcome any obstacle on their way.
    • "Takeaway", which has a deep moral that you should savour your childhood whilst you can because one day you won't be a kid anymore.
    • "Yoga Ball", which teaches kids that they shouldn't play rough with anyone.
    • "Wagon Ride" had a good moral about you shouldn't disturb everyone when they're trying and wait until they stop talking.
    • "Grannies", which teaches kids that they can learn how to do things they don't know yet, like dancing.
    • "The Sleepover", which teaches kids that sleep is important.
    • "Camping", which teaches kids that special people come into our lives, stay a bit, then leave.
    • "Hairdressers", which teaches us that we shouldn't talk over people, and instead wait for the person to finish their sentence/word.
    • "Stumpfest", which has a good moral that you shouldn't disturb anyone when they playing.
    • "Grandad", which teaches us that you need to be big and strong, and rest if you need to.
    • "Seesaw", which has a good moral that even if you're small, you can still have a big impact.
    • "Library", which has a moral that you should be quiet in quiet places like a library, and that when someone calls you "special", you don't take it too literal.
    • "Barky Boats", which teaches kids about what being 12 years old is like.
    • "Circus", which has a good moral that you shouldn't bully everyone else by forcing others to play the game you want to play.
    • "Muffin Cone" which has a good moral about you should break your old habits, especially annoying ones like sucking your thumb.
    • "Baby Race", which teaches us that not everything is a race, and that everyone is still learning new things.
    • "Mr Monkeyjocks", which teaches us that we have to get rid of things we don't need and give it to someone else.
    • "Fruitbat", which teaches us that we can dream of what we want to be, whether it's your dream job, to continue doing the things you enjoy, even pretend to be an animal you desire.
  7. Catchy and memorable theme tune.
  8. It can teach non-Australian kids about Australian culture.
  9. Has a positive, relatable depiction of a kid with ADHD named Jack Russell in the second season.
  10. Cute and simple character designs.
  11. Nice and skillful voice acting, especially from the kids themselves.
  12. A lot of heartwarming episodes, such as "Barky Boats", "Sleepytime", "Baby Race", "Grandad" and "Camping".
  13. A lot of funny moments in there, such as in "The Sleepover", where Muffin gets all crazy and psychotic after skipping a sleep.
  14. It spawned good Christmas episodes like "Verandah Santa" and "Christmas Swim".
  15. It has many likable characters like Bluey, Bingo, Rusty, Muffin and especially Snickers, Socks, Winton and Pom Pom
  16. Some unlikable characters like Judo can redeem themselves.
  17. This show also encourages kids to use they imagination very well without hammering it down as much as possible.
  18. Not only the morals are good, But it's also used very well.
  19. Countless memorable quotes, such as "For real life?", "Oh... biscuits", "Wackadoo", "Morning, Wendy", "We can edit that bit out, right?", "I'm the flamingo queen", "I want to suck my thumb!", "Oh boy, here comes the meltdown", "Hello doctor ladies, do you sell crutches?", "Coconuts have water in them!" and "My name is Bububabu".
  20. The relationship between some characters, such as with Bandit and Chilli, Captain and Mia and Radley and Frisky are cute and wholesome.
  21. There are also shorts for the show, and they're all amazing, such as "Lollipop Song" and "Jingle Bells".
  22. This show has even managed to spawn a good album that was released in 2021 and it was debuted at number one on the ARIA Albums Chart in February 2021.
  23. This is basically a well done version of Peppa Pig and other bad kids shows.
  24. There are also funny gags in the show, such as in Hairdressers, where the title card appears twice in the episode, the second time having "Hairdressers" scribbled out and replaced with "Nits", with Bluey saying "This episode of Bluey is now called 'Nits'".

Bad Qualities

  1. It can be somewhat boring or mean-spirited sometimes.
  2. They have some bad episodes like "The Doctor", "Fairies" and "Charades"
    • Ironically, There was one bad moral in the season 2 episode "Charades" about getting anything you want when you throw a tantrum.
  3. There's some bad jokes and unfunny toilet humor here and there like the one infamous scene in "Work".
  4. The voices of Bluey and Bingo can be annoying to hear at times for some people, especially if they scream or squeal.
  5. While the animation is very fluid and well-made, it may have some errors found in some episodes, the notable episodes is "Takeaway" and "Horsey Ride"
  6. Some dated pop-culture references such as flossing and fidget spinners. In fact, they had an entire episode dedicated to flossing, making the episode a lot more dated than it needs to be.
  7. some characters like Bluey Heeler, can be a bit unlikable sometimes.
    • Judo also isn't any better, especially due to her bratty and bossy nature. An example is in Butterflies, where Bingo wanted to be the caterpillar, but Judo said she couldn't because it was her turn.
    • Muffin was even worse in the episode "Charades"
  8. While this show is still great, it had 2 bad controversies about the show.
    • The description of Chilli (known as Mum) is so Inappropriate that it was changed it to make it more appropriate for the kids
    • Two of the episodes, Teasing and Flat Pack, was pulled from the ABC Kids iView and ABC iView apps due to racist stuff about aboriginals, then after that, They remove the racist stuff on these two episodes and later got re-released days and weeks later.


Bluey has enjoyed a positive critical reception. The series received a seal of approval from Common Sense Media, with reviewer Emily Ashby commending its positive family and social themes. Bluey was praised by Philippa Chandler of The Guardian for its "sharp script" and depiction of everyday family life, while commenting that its Queensland background set it apart from other cartoons on television. Readers of The New York Times's parenting blog submitted Bluey as their Favourite children's show, describing it as charming, smart and "very real". The series was called "laugh-out-loud funny" by Stephanie Convery of The Guardian, who credited its humor to the "quirky behavior" of the child characters. In 2019, TV Week listed Bluey at No. 98 in its list of the 101 greatest Australian television shows of all time. Despite only being on air since 2018, the magazine wrote that Bluey "stole Australia's hearts faster than any other cartoon character" in what it described as a "cute, funny and modern" series. The series was listed at No. 14 in Junkee's list of 50 television programs that defined the decade, in which it was described as "an absolute delight". It currently had a 9.7/10 on IMDb.

Episodes With Their Own Pages


  • A lot of the Season 2 episodes even got their own movie poster fanart. Some examples include these three.
  • There was a new album that will be coming in January 22 this year that was announced in 2020.
  • Anthony Field (current member of 'The Wiggles') has made voice appearances in two episodes, Dance Mode (as Postie) and Army (as Rusty's Dad).
  • The longest episode of the show is "Sleepytime" since the duration is 7 minutes and 30 seconds
  • Some characters in the show was named after a real thing, Like for a example, Chilli (Bluey's mum) was named after a food spice, Hercules was named after a roman god and Honey was named after a sweet and viscous food substance.
  • This show has won many awards as being one of the best kids shows of all time.
  • Robert Irwin was also have a voice appearance in the season 2 episode, The Quiet Game
  • The season 2 episode Bingo (episode) has a different intro and credits
  • The unaired pilot was based on a season 1 episode, The Weekend, in the same name.
  • The series has the highest IMDb rating of any animated series, with a 9.7/10.




6 months ago
Score -4
This is the best Disney show next to Phineas and Ferb, Milo Murphy's Law, 101 Dalmatian Street, and Counterfeit Cat.


6 months ago
Score 0
Certainly a very good show


6 months ago
Score 11

I know many people have compared this show with Peppa Pig, and from what i've seen it's better than Peppa. The way it sets its humor is done well, and the characters aren't jerks to each other.

But still, it's no wonder why it's been called the Australian Peppa Pig.


4 months ago
Score 0
I Love Bluey!


4 months ago
Score 5
Half of the show is adorable screaming and I love it


3 months ago
Score -7
This. Sucks.


3 months ago
Score 1
What's wrong with it?


3 months ago
Score 2
Any reason why it sucks. And don't be like that one dude SITWGOAT because he completely hates JoJo without a reason and even yells it out that it sucks. Don't be like him


22 days ago
Score 0
This user’s a troll. He/she said the exact same thing on the Tom and Jerry Kids page, without context. Don’t bother convincing


3 months ago
Score 0
Just to let ya’ll know, Disney acquired the distribution rights to the show. They didn’t actually make it.


2 months ago
Score 0
If I have kids I'll make them watch shows like these.


2 months ago
Score 6
It's weird that I'm 19 years old and I love this series so much.

Master Chief

2 months ago
Score 0
I never heard of this until recently when it became popular.


one month ago
Score 3
I now like this show nowadays because it’s way better than that monstrosity Peppa Pig.


one month ago
Score 3
This is what I call Peppa Pig done right!


one month ago
Score 1
I might give this show a try.


one month ago
Score 1


29 days ago
Score 1
Peppa Pig, But Better!

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