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Can we fix it? Yes we can!

Bob the Builder is a British children's stop-motion animated series that aired from 1998 in the UK (2001 in the US) to 2012, The reboot series started in 2015 and it's created by Keith Chapman (who also created other cartoons for the UK and also a Canadian cartoon for Nickelodeon called PAW Patrol).

Why It Rocks

  1. Wonderful stop-motion animation.
  2. Catchy theme song.
  3. Lofty's voice is pretty cute.
  4. Cool characters such as Scoop, Roley, Muck, Dizzy Loftyand Travis and some really funny ones like Spud the Scarecrow.
  5. This show is really done in a pretty cartoony, but very good way.
  6. The CGI in Ready, Steady, Build! was decent at best.
  7. Great morals for kids, such as working together.
  8. Rob Rackstraw doing a lot of voices for other characters in the series is really imperessive.
  9. The album version of "Can We Fix It?" is catchy as the original theme song, and it reached Christmas #1 in 2000 during its major success in the United Kingdom.

Bad Qualities

  1. Despite the fact that Ready Steady Build is decent and all, each episode from this spin-off can get pretty formulaic and repetitive at times. Same can be said about some episodes in the Project Build It series.
  2. Greg Proops's voice for Bob in the US doesn't sound as good as the other US voice given by William Dufris. He also makes Bob sound too much like Fred from Scooby Doo.
  3. The US dub isn't as good as the UK version. Though, a lot of Americans loved the US dub of the show. Project Build It improved it a bit.
  4. Muck is female in the US dub for some reason while Muck in the UK version is male (though the reboot changed him back to a male character).


Pinky Malinky

11 months ago
Score 2

Can we fix it?

Original: Yes we can.

Reboot: No we're fucked.

Cute animals are the best

9 months ago
Score 1
Old rocks new sucks
I agree the reboot is BORING! At least season 3 isn't as boring, but the lighting in that season is awful.


4 months ago
Score 1

I love the original.

I hate the reboot.


4 months ago
Score 1
Same here.

Spidey McFly

23 days ago
Score 0
Yeah, I think all the older Bob fans hate the reboot.


12 days ago
Score 0
I haven’t wathed the reboot, but the horrible reception made me ignore it, sadly we aren’t allowed to add it on ttvsw but, Masson Thief said that we can make blogs about them, so we should make a blog about them?

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