Bom Dia & Cia (1993-2003, 2005-2015)

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Bom Dia & Cia (1993-2003, 2005-2015)
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Bom Dia & Cia!
Running Time: 285 minutes
Country: Brazil
Release Date: August 2, 1993 - present
Network(s): SBT
Created by: Nilton Travesso
Starring: Eliana (1993-1998)
Jackeline Petkovic (1998-2003)
Jéssica Esteves and Kauê Santin (2003-2005)
Yudi Tamashiro (2005-2012)
Priscila Alcântara (2005-2013)
Maisa Silva (2009-2011; 2013)
Matheus Ueta (2013-2015)
Ana Vitória Zimmermann (2013-2014)
Ana Júlia Souza (2014-2015)
Silvia Abravanel (2015-present)
Episodes: +5000

Bom Dia & Cia (also known as Bom Dia & Companhia) is a morning children's television block that airs on SBT and also the children's TV show in more time on display in Brazil being on air since August 2, 1993.

It is known for its featuring several popular cartoons such as Tom and Jerry, Scooby-Doo and others often coming to rival other children's programs as TV Globinho and Band Kids. Currently the program displays evidence interacting with viewers via phone connections allowing them to prizes such as computers, video games and toys.

Why It Used To Rock

  1. Is one of the memorable most Brazilian children's blocks ever created in the Brazilian television, along with TV Globinho and many others.
  2. To this very day, is the long running Brazilian children's block in the Brazilian television with +5000 episodes, since its premiere in 1993.
  3. A lot of well known and great hosts that the block had during its history as Eliana, Jackeline Petkovic, Yudi Tamashiro, Priscila Alcântara, Maisa Silva, Matheus Ueta, Ana Vitória Zimmermann and Ana Júlia Souza.
  4. The block also have their own animated characters, which are also great:
    • The puppets from the Eliana and Jackeline Petkovic eras (1993-2003) were very amazing, especially Melocoton.
    • The Greens that debuted in the 2009-2012 intro, are very cute, since they are based in the character Sackboy from the game, LittleBigPlanet. In the fact, they also appear in the block's stage and spawned merchandise like magazines from Deomar Editora and dolls from IFA Brinquedos.
  5. Airs or aired many good cartoons.
  6. Also aired anime such as Dragon Ball, Naruto and One Piece (despite they aired the infamous 4Kids version) and even aired live-action series such as That's So Raven and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.
  7. Has good games to the viewers play in the block calling to the block's famous phone number or virtually via Skype.
  8. The prices that viewers win from the block's games are awesome, especially when it comes to PlayStation.
  9. Had funny moments, coming from the block's former hosts Yudi, Priscila and Maisa.

Bad Qualities

  1. Despite having good hosts throughout its history, it also has bad hosts that are not memorable like Jéssica Esteves and Kauê Santin, Bozo the Clown and Silvia Abravanel. In the case of Silvia, she is considered by the block's viewers as the worst host the block had, due to the horrible things she did on the block.
  2. The block went downhill twice, first in 2003-2005 and then again since 2015.
  3. Airs some bad cartoons and live-action series.
  4. Some of the cartoons the block airs are excessively rerun.


  • Bom Dia & Cia was renamed Eliana & Cia in April 1997 and premiered on May 12, 1997. The reason why the block was renamed, was because Silvio Santos decided to change the block's name, to him was important to evidence Eliana's name. It lasted until September 11, 1998, because Eliana signed a contract with RecordTV on September 17, 1998, to debut a month later on October 12, 1998, Eliana e Alegria on RecordTV.


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