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Running Time: 5 Minutes (usually)
Country: USA
Release Date: March 3rd, 2013 - Present
Network(s): YouTube
Created by: Tyler Rudolph
Distributed by: Tyler Rudolph
Starring: Tyler Rudolph
Seasons: None
Episodes: 134


brewstewfilms is about a guy named Tyler Rudolph who makes animated videos about his childhood experiences, or his adulthood experiences.

Why It Rocks

  1. Tyler's narration are funny. He makes plenty of hilarious lines. And unlike some other shows that have narration like Peppa Pig, this one makes sure to avoid pointing out the obvious.
  2. Lots of likable characters, like Tyler, Michael, David, Tommy, Brewer, and many more.
  3. Micheal's stupidity makes for plenty funny moments, like when he talks about his step dad.
  4. Lots of funny moments, like this line in "Trampoline": "there's a dead kid over here" "yeah, we know! He's disqualified!"
  5. The outro music in newer videos sounds really good.
  6. 13 o'Clock News is a good running gag. The 2 workers who argue to each other are awesome.
  7. Haunted Duplex is a good mini-series. It manages to tell a pretty decent ghost story and it has plenty of funny moments, just like the other episodes.
  8. The live-action segments in older videos are decent.
  9. Lots of awesome stories, like the one where he talks about what he does when he's broke.
  10. A huge buttload of epic quotes, like "I don't like this shit one bit!" and "alright"
  11. Despite being low budget, the animation looks quite decent for webtoon standards.
  12. Decent voice acting, even with most of the actors are the same.

Bad Qualities

  1. Some characters can be mean spirited, especially Micheal's stepdad, as he abuses michael a lot.
    • Speaking of Michael, he's a pretty obvious punching bag.
  2. The beginning of brewstew's older videos has not-so-good quality. The audio quality is pretty compressed and the logo is lazily thrown on it.
  3. Some gross-out humor, with a good amount of it involving poop.
  4. While the animation does look decent for internet animation, it looks very cheap and simple. Even the creator himself pointed that out.
  5. As mentioned in WIR #12, it uses the same voice actors for many of the characters.


If you watch a brewstewfilms video, there'll be at least one comment saying that he's underrated. So, basically, brewstewfilms is pretty smiled upon.


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