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Broadway, Baby! (Total Drama World Tour)

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Broadway, Baby! (Total Drama World Tour)
This episode will make those lights go brighter, got that right predecessor.
Series: Total Drama
Part of Season: 3
Episode Number: 5 (season)

59 (Overall)

Air Date: Canada: September 30, 2010

US: July 19, 2010

Writer: Alex Ganetakos
Director: Keith Oliver

Chad Hicks

Previous episode: Anything Yukon Do, I Can Do Better
Next episode: Aftermath: Bridgette Over Troubled Water

Broadway, Baby! is the 5th episode of Total Drama World Tour.


The 3 teams ventures to New York to travel across some of its landmarks.

Why They Must Love About New York City

  1. It's the first episode in the series to visit the United States.
  2. This is an improvement over the prior episode.
  3. It's the first episode Team Victory didn't come in last.
  4. The challenge is dangerous, yet interesting.
  5. Likable characters.
  6. Funny moments:
    • When Owen crushed Noah while he's sleeping.
    • Cody falling in the Statue of Liberty's breasts (depending on your view)
    • Sierra exposing Chris' pre-Total Drama life.
    • The booby prize, "Meat grinder" until Heather throws it in the Drop of Shame.
  7. The song "What's Not to Love", describes New York accurately.
  8. "Because you're cursed; that's why!"
  9. Despite being mentioned, this episode rarely mentioned "The Curse of the Mummified Dog".
  10. Owen's line in the song "What's Not to Love": The lights are brighter! The fun is funner! The bagels are bagel-er, And the bums are bummer! The dirt and grime make every alley shine! What's not to love about New York?! Oops!

Bad Qualities

  1. This episode is unique (in a negative way) because its the only episode in the series to cut a scene internationally, the scene where Cody gets trapped in between the Statue of Liberty's breasts. Thankfully, the Netflix version kept the uncut version.
  2. MAJOR PLOT HOLE: When Team Victory is going into the sewers, the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center can be seen in the background. This is not possible because this episode aired in 2010 & the towers were destroyed on September 11, 2001. Even if you count the time on Chris' age, its still a mistake because Sierra states that Chris was born in 1978 & the producers says that Chris was 25 years old when Total Drama Island started, which is still after 9/11, starting in 2003-04.
    • There are other plot holes during the episode, like Sierra states that Chris was in a boy band (Fametown) in the 80's, and would only be 2-11 years old at that time.
    • The map shows the plane going from the Yukon to New York, but the recap in the prior episode the plane was above Russia when Bridgette took the Drop of Shame.
  3. Some mean-spirited moments like Lindsay calling Tyler "Dave" (not to be confused with the contestant from "Pahkitew Island") & Chris furiously yelling at Sierra for exposing him.


  1. This is the first non-elimination episode of ''Total Drama: World Tour".