Brooklyn Nine-Nine

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Genre: Comedy
Police procedural
Running Time: 21-23 minutes
Country: United States
Release Date: September 17, 2013 – present
Created by: Dan Goor
Michael Schur
Distributed by: NBCUniversal Television Distribution
Starring: Andy Samberg
Stephanie Beatriz
Terry Crews
Melissa Fumero
Joe Lo Truglio
Chelsea Peretti
Andre Braugher
Dirk Blocker
Joel McKinnon Miller
Seasons: 7
Episodes: 143

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is an American police procedural comedy television series created by Dan Goor and Michael Schur. The series revolves around Jake Peralta, a talented but immature NYPD detective in Brooklyn's fictional 99th Precinct, who often comes into conflict with his commanding officer, the serious and stern Captain Raymond Holt.

Why It Rocks

  1. It is unique and has an eccentric, lovable cast of characters that are anything but stereotypical. Some specific ones include Jake, Charles, Rosa, and Terry.
  2. The relationships are always put first in every situation.
  3. Their LGBTQ+ characters, especially Rosa and Captain Holt, are fleshed out beyond stereotypes then other shows.
  4. It stands out from other shows because it has a notably diverse cast, with minorities having major roles.
  5. Its style of humor does not offend or discriminate, as its jokes are very respectful, goofy, and always hilarious.
  6. The way it uses its typical comedy to tackle important issues in Seasons 4-7 is very honest, very original, and impacted viewers positively. Some examples include the Season 5 episode "He Said, She Said" (about sexual harassment), the Season 4 episode "Moo-Moo" (about racism).
  7. Like Family Guy, it returned from cancellation because of fans.
  8. The characters' adventures range from realistic situations to not-so-possible circumstances, and they never fail to be unique and hilarious.
  9. The romantic relationships are always very well-written and fleshed out. Jake and Amy’s in particular is strong.
  10. The fandom is a very healthy one, particularly on the show's subreddit.

Bad Qualities

  1. The audience is supposed to connect to the characters which feels too much.
  2. Gina, the Precinct's civilian staff, is not a very good character, particularly before she leaves - she constantly bullies and belittles others.


  1. There is a French-Canadian adaptation called Escouade 99, released in 2020.
  2. Season 8, premiering in 2021, will be the final one.


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