Buddy Thunderstruck

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Buddy Thunderstruck
"Blame it on the thunder! Ka-boom!" (From the people who had brought you Robot Chicken, there was this.)
Genre: Children's, Comedy, Stop-Motion
Running Time: 13–24 Minutes
Country: United States
Release Date: March 10, 2017
Created by: Ryan Wiesbrock
Starring: Brian Atkinson
Ted Raimi
Harry Chaskin
Debi Derryberry
Seasons: 1
Episodes: 12 (23 segments)

Buddy Thunderstruck is a stop-motion animated series that aired on Netflix in March 2017.


Buddy starts a rivalry with a new pizza business shadowing his cousin Muncie's business. When he finally impounds the Rabble Rouser, Sheriff Cannonball gives into being an awesome stunt driver, and Buddy must become a cop to stop him.

Why It Rocks

  1. First and foremost, the entire show itself is Netflix's done right version of Cartoon Network and Qubo's ill-fated and obscure animated series, Scaredy Squirrel
  2. The premise of a stop-motion cartoon involving anthropomorphic animals attending a truck race in a small town is a very interesting concept, and thankfully, it's also happened to be incredibly well-executed.
  3. Likable and entertaining characters, such as Buddy, the main protagonist, and Darnell.
  4. Well fast-paced stop motion animation that fits the goofy tone of the show.
  5. Decent character designs that are appealing to the eyes, in spite of the crazy and wacky animation style.
  6. Cleverly plotted comedy such as Buddy being ill-responsible for his actions and being too oblivious to them.
  7. Funny and sometimes clever antagonists such as Tex Jr. and Sheriff Cannonball.
  8. Witty dialogue including (but not limited to):
    • "I kinda wanna get back to fightin', because it took a lot of effort to make this. Mechanics are not my strong house and I am rather impressed with the results."
    • "Huh, in the movies that would have blown up in gratuitous fashion."
    • "Fine! I will let you be my friends, but just this week, yo!"
    • "Darnell? Is this some kind of mental telepathy thing? Cool! Hey, what number am I thinking?"
    • "And remember, kids, do not attempt this stunt at home! Because I will sue you for stealing my intellectual property."
    • "Oh, is that some secret technique? Cause now, I know how to do it, yo!"
    • "Hey Jacko, you're sometimes Dr. Jacko, right?"
  9. Cool smoke effect that's actually done via cotton, and yet still manages to look convincing (at least with the show's animation style).
  10. The Belvedere Moneybags arc is very interesting.
  11. Though a few stinkers, there's still many great episodes such as;
    • Beaver Dam Fast Pizza
    • Funny Money
    • Haters of the Lost Arcade
    • The Sneezing Fits of Death
    • To Project and Swerve
    • Robo-Truck of the Future
    • Hit and Dumb
    • Thunder Fu
    • Truck Cab in the Woods
    • Moneybags Changes Everything (which ended the series on a high note)
    • Mayor May Not
    • Babysitters Yo!
    • Buddy Shreds
    • Opposite of Awesome
    • Health Nuts
    • A Bro for Weaselbrat
    • Truck Stop Clerks
    • The Maybe Pile (The interactive special)
  12. Good rock-styled soundtrack. Even the theme song is pretty good on its own.

Bad Qualities

  1. Buddy and Tex Jr. can be unlikeable sometimes even though they're both nowhere as unlikable as Big Tex (the most hated Greasepit citizen in the show). In fact, Buddy at times can easily be compared to Commander Palmer from Titan Maximum
  2. For a kids' show, it’s filled to the brim with various innuendos, like Beaver Dam Fast Pizza and the infamous “Leroy’s private parts”.
  3. While many episodes were good, a few of them are weak most of the time such as Buddy Double (the first segment of the first episode), Get the Hock Out (arguably the worst episode of the show and the most infamous), Thunderstruck Rad Cab (depending on your view), Moneybags & his Monster (depending on your view), Stunt Fever, and Cannonballistic (also counts as the worst).
      • Aside from Get the Hock Out and Cannonballistic, a few tend to have filler such as Moneybags & his Monster (depending on your view), A Bro for Weaselbrat, Truck Shop Clerks, and Opposite of Awesome, though not as much as Turbo F.A.S.T's third and final season.
  4. While fast-paced, the stop-motion animation was suffering from limited features, resulting in the other characters (like Muncie, Sheriff Cannonball, the Weaselbrats, and others) having limited mouth movements which caused them to talk like puppets, the majority of characters are seen sleeping and in a hot tub in their causal outfits without changing them, this is possible because the show was a bit rushed due to Stoopid Buddy Studioos working on SuperMansion and Robot Chicken at the time.



  • The show has the same animation as Robot Chicken.
  • The show also uses the same people who worked on Care Bears: Welcome to Care-a-Lot, Chicken Little and Rabbids Invasion.
  • There was an interactive special released in the same year called "Buddy Thunderstruck: The Maybe Pile". It was one of the first interactive specials on Netflix.


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