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Buffalo Burrito (Mr. Meaty)

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Buffalo Burrito (Mr. Meaty)
Buffalo Burrito Title Card.jpg
Don't eat a buffalooooo... - Gord
Part of Season: 1
Episode Number: 1a
Air Date: September 22, 2006
Writer: Jason Hopley
Director: Jason Hopley
Next episode: Parkerina

Buffalo Burrito is the 1st episode of Mr. Meaty. It aired on Nickelodeon on September 22, 2006.


The series starts with the two main characters, the protagonist Josh and the deuteragonist Parker are getting things necessarily ready for the introduction of a new burrito called the Buffalo Burrito. Mr. Wink, the manager of the location of the mall telling the two putting the banner up for the consumer base. While Josh and Parker are putting the banner up, a stench of smell appeared, comes from Parker who didn't shower for a week. Josh gags and heads to Brittney for some advice. Parker interrupts their conversation. When their conversation was interrupted, Brittney smelled the stench from Parker and spooked her away. Meanwhile, Mr. Wink reported to Edward R. Carney, the founder of the Mr. Meaty food chain saying that they're a bit behind for the introduction of the Buffalo Burrito in their location inside the Scaunchboro Mall. Edward R. Carney was disappointed from the report and decided to give an controlled shock to the back of Mr. Wink's head. From the pain that Mr. Wink had received from it, he takes it back and saying that they're right on schedule. Edward R. Carney said that if the security isn't in working order for the introduction, then he will be mad. Mr. Wink already justified to Edward R. Carney, saying that he deployed the Mr. Meaty Security Bot. When the Mr. Meaty Security Bot deployed, Gord, and Peace Woman from the Soy What? food chain are on strike. When they're on strike, they're singing to consumers to stop eating animals, and to what they understand, they are harming the animals for the greater good. The Mr. Meaty Security bot takes a look at what the vegans are doing, and the bot zapped them, telling them to "please clear the area". Mr. Wink has a pretty special surprise promotion planned, knows that Edward. R Carney would love it. Edward R. Carney has no sympathy and decided to have fun by giving a controlled shock to the back of Mr. Wink's head once again. Parker is beginning to sense a distance from Josh. Josh signified Parker, saying he doesn't know what he says that. Parker decided to get near Josh. Josh doesn't want to get near Parker because of the stench. Out of nowhere, Mr. Wink interrupts the two, saying to the two that they shouldn't be slacking off, and clean the kitchen. Josh then gags and escapes to get some car air fresher trees. Parker concerned about Josh, wondering what is going wrong with him. Mr. Wink found Josh and successfully got Josh to his workplace with Parker. Josh looked at Parker to then proceeds to wash him with a mop. When Josh is continuing to scrub Parker, Parker knows what's going on here. Josh then stops and listens to him. Parker spoke his concerns that their friendship is drifting apart as friends. Josh denies this, and Parker thinks that Josh is lying and can take an honest saying and ran away without giving Josh a chance to speak. Parker ran next to the restrooms crying to see a buffalo costume out of the food court. Then, two actors popped out from the buffalo costume. They're telling Parker not afraid as they're the only actors here to portray the mighty buffalo for today's promotional entertainment. Josh was surprised by it and asked to have a "look" inside of the buffalo costume. Parker stole the costume, and the two actors are chasing Parker only to be zapped by the Mr. Meaty Security bot. Mr. Wink saw this and panicked that the actors are down from the bot. With the surprise buffalo not able to be played by no one and the surprise buffalo went missing, Parker already still have the costume. Parker saw Mr. Wink being panicky, and he said that everything is under control. Parker also stated that he and Josh are planning to play the buffalo, in which Josh isn't too thrilled. Josh talked into some sense to Mr. Wink, saying that he doesn't want to be playing the buffalo. Mr. Wink heard Josh's concerns. If he doesn't want to get in with Parker, then he will be fired but, with any luck, so is Mr. Wink. Mr. Wink introduces Mr. Meaty himself, Edward R. Carney. Carney likes to share with the crowd that this Buffalo Burrito is the most delicious burrito the world has ever seen. Carney showed the size of the burrito, and the audience went nuts. Meanwhile, Mr. Wink shoving Josh inside of the buffalo costume with Parker. Josh and Parker eventually got to play Bucky Buffalo, but the two friends argued and then insulted each other. Josh complained about Parker's hygiene, and Parker got mad. It sparked important hatred, and it later caused a scene. The crowd ran for their lives as they're trying not to be killed/injured by Bucky Buffalo. Mr. Wink tried to warn the crowd, advising people to stand clear from the rampaging buffalo. He got hit, and it comes up to Edward R. Carney to make a stop in this scene. Carney hopped up to the Mr. Meaty Security Bot, controlling the bot, and they zapped them, leaving the buffalo unconscious. When Carney knocked up the buffalo, he advises the folks not to worry about the buffalo anymore. When the folks are safe, Carney plans to make this buffalo a mouth-watering burrito for everyone. The audience cheered and got interrupted by Gord and Peace Woman once again. These two vegans gave their concerns and started They sent back the buffalo costume to the mountains in which Josh and Parker got stranded. Parker finally smells the stink, and Josh confirmed that it was him who's been stinking up the place. Parker apologizes, and he went back into the costume for warmth. Josh thought to himself that if he would freeze to death or be malled by Parker's stink. Josh decided to roll with the reek and have a breath and went in, thus ending the episode.

Why It Rocks

  1. The humor in the episode is amazing and decent such as the:
    • The Mr. Carney scene whereas he zaps everyone in the mall.
    • The Brittney scene where she throws away a plate of salad, and shoves Doug when he was enjoying his burger.
  2. The plot premise is very interesting, which is about two boys in a buffalo costume and two people from Soy What? who are actually trying to save and protect the buffalo from being eaten (despite being a costume).
  3. Don't eat a buffalooooo... - Gord.
  4. Gord and the Peace Women are very likable in this episode whereas they try to prevent Carney from killing the buffalo.
  5. It actually has a good moral, "Don't kill or attack creatures, wildlife, and animals. Let them be free.
  6. The duos Josh and Parker (despite Parker's ignorance in the episode, and Josh's screaming) are still likable, and this is one of the few times in the show where Parker is actually likable.
  7. Mr. Carney's "Mr. Meaty Security Bot" is a reference to the NES game and brand product, R.O.B..
  8. The lighting and color scheme is very decent.
  9. This episode is actually a decent way to start the show, if only it could have gotten better from here (besides the handful of good episodes here and there after this one).

Bad Qualites

  1. Mr. Carney (despite his humor) is very unlikable in this episode where as he tries to torture all the people (including Mr. Wink).
  2. Weird Ending: Parker and Josh were sent to a land of the buffalos which is kind of out of place, and Parker even noticed that he forgot to take a shower (notices the smell too.)
  3. It's other segment was not well received, as after that, Mr. Meaty fell from quality after this pilot episode and became fully mediocre completely (with the exception of the good episodes here and there after this one).


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