Bug-A-Boogie (Donkey Kong Country TV series)

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Bug-A-Boogie (Donkey Kong Country TV series)
This is a good episode that will make us boogie.
Series: Donkey Kong Country
Part of Season: 1
Episode Number: 18
Air Date: November 29, 1997
Writer: Erika Strobel
Director: Mike Fallows
Previous episode: Kong Fu
Next episode: Watch the Skies

Bug-A-Boogie is the 18th episode of Donkey Kong Country.


Cranky sends Donkey Kong and Diddy to the Forbidden Forest as part of a practical joke, but both King K. Rool and Kaptain Skurvy plan to get the Crystal Coconut while they are out.

Why It Rocks

  1. The TV show characters, based on their video game counterparts, are more likable than usual, especially Diddy Kong.
  2. The songs, "The Booty Boogie" and "The Big Bog Monster", are both decent and catchy.
  3. This episode is very well written unlike most of the episodes.
  4. The animation and voice acting are better than usual.
  5. Funny moments in this episode, such as DK and Diddy playing a prank on King K. Rool, Klump and Krusha, and Cranky playing a joke on DK and Diddy to teach them a lesson, as well as Klump and Krusha being stuck in the mud. Without a doubt the most funniest moment in the episode is King K. Rool screaming “WHY NOT?!”
  6. Fun villain fight between Scurvy’s crew and King K. Rool’s army.
  7. Good ending where the heroes defeat the villains, return the crystal coconut, they free Funky Kong from the barrel, and give Funky his hood ornament, which made Diddy and Cranky laugh as they thought it was a treasure or something else.

Bad Qualities

  1. Funky got stuck in the barrel due to the pirates, until the end of the episode.
  2. While still likable, Diddy Kong pulled a prank on DK, scaring him by saying there was a monster.


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