Buzz Lightyear of Star Command

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Buzz Lightyear of Star Command
BLTitle (1).jpg
"To Infinity and Beyond!"
Genre: Adventure
Science fiction
Running Time: 22-24 minutes
Country: United States
Release Date: October 2, 2000 - January 13, 2001
Network(s): UPN
Starring: Patrick Warburton
Stephen Furst
Lawrence Miller
Neil Flynn
Nicole Sullivan
Wayne Knight
Miguel Brazier
Seasons: 2
Episodes: 65

Buzz Lightyear of Star Command is an American animated science fiction/adventure/comedy/spinoff series produced by Walt Disney Television. The series originally aired on UPN and ABC from October 2000 to January 2001 as part of Disney's One Saturday Morning programming block, and is based on the Toy Story franchise. It follows the adventures of space ranger Buzz Lightyear, who first appeared in the movie Toy Story as an action figure and one of the film's protagonists.


This animated series, based on the popular "Toy Story" movies, features Buzz Lightyear's adventures as he patrols the galaxy with other space rangers working for Star Command, battling intergalactic crime boss Emperor Zurg and other evildoers. His team of cadets includes Booster Sinclair, Princess Mira and XR, the teammate with all the cool gadgets. 

Why It Rocks

  1. The first spin-off for a Pixar show!
  2. Great voice acting. Patrick Warburton did a good job voicing Buzz Lightyear.
  3. Plenty of likable characters such as Buzz Lightyear, Princess Mira, Booster Sinclair, XR and the Little Green Man.
  4. Great villains, especially the Evil Emperor Zurg.
  5. Awesome intro.
  6. Speaking of the intro, most of Andy's toys were in the CGI, especially Woody and Jessie, when Buzz was about to watching his own show.
  7. Great storylines.
  8. Some funny moments are there.
  9. It also takes place in the far future, a pastiche of Star Trek or Star Wars-style science fiction.

The Only Bad Quality

  1. While Patrick Warburton did a good job voicing Buzz Lightyear, Buzz just doesn't sound right without Tim Allen.


  • For some reason, John Lasseter hated it.