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Carl is a 2017 web series created by FreezeFlame22. The first episode was released on January 17, 2017, with the series having 35 episodes and 4 seasons in total so far.


As the title suggests it's about a character known as Carl Mitchell, who starts out as a socially awkward fourteen year old first starting High School, along with his friends Blooper, Dry Bones and Boo, and his pet potted Piranha Plant, Marvin, also frequently appears outside of the school. The show also focuses on Carl's relationship with Grace Grey and her friends, Talia, Roxanne & Kylie, as well as having to deal with Gooper, who bullies him frequently and often tries to get in his way. He also has to stay out of trouble with his mother, the kind and attractive Linda Mitchell, and stepfather, the tough and conservative Calvin Mitchell.

Why It Rocks

  1. It does very well portraying someone's life and the others around him being dealt with High School.
  2. Very likeable, well-written, memorable, and relatable characters such as Carl Mitchell, Blooper Squidd, Dry Bones, Boo Who, Grace Grey, Talia Richards, Roxanne Smith, Kylie Allenby, Calvin Mitchell, Linda Mitchell, Gooper Jordans, and many more.
  3. The show has a great sense of humor, while also containing a lot of serious moments inbetween.
  4. It doesn't rely on stereotypes with it's characters.
  5. It teaches some very good morals with many of the episodes.
  6. Well made pixelated designs and backgrounds.
  7. It isn't afraid to display other sexualities.
  8. Talented voice actors such as Trashy Koopa, Carmen, LilySketch, Swoldow EVGRB, AzUrArInG, PopplioPower, TheHazahMaster, Jordie the chill mean cookie, and FreezeFlame22 himself.
  9. COWABUNGA (one of FF22's friends) makes a cameo appearance in Toad Town Puckers!

Bad Qualities

  1. There were a few weak episodes in the series such as Playing Hookie, Meet the Parents, and The Truth Comes Out.
  2. The first intro used the first four episodes felt really off from the main series itself, as it made it feel like Carl had a very depressed life with everyone seemingly all angry at him for a few mistakes, as well as it making it appear as if Carl turned out to be some kid looking to shoot up a school, though this was later changed in the episode Motorhome Trip with an original composition by Freeze himself.
  3. Some episodes from Season 1 didn't age well.
  4. It occasionally overuses pop culture references, while funny at times, it can get pretty outdated kind of quickly.