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These great shows were once great, but after a certain amount of years, a show can start going downhill, either by starting to make a lot of bad episodes and bad seasons, still make good (or average) seasons and made a couple good, average, and bad episodes despite their downfall, can stay good and make a handful of good episodes and make some crummy duds despite their decline in quality or loss of charm, and either got back up after a couple average and bad seasons, or got cancelled entirely, made some bad seasons with some of it's worst episodes until the show massively improved once again, or just never went improved as it went on.

Either that, the show either needs to end with a really good (or an even worse) finale if the show is not wanting to improve, if the show needs to start making some serious improvements and adjustments immediately, or if the show needs a new writing team (and/or head writer) before the series could continue on/end their story even worse, or maybe the production crew would might as well seem to stop caring and not want to improve the show anyway like a couple of blind folks that do what they do is fine without showing any signs of caring, period.

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