Charge!! Men's Private School

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Charge!! Men's Private School (魁!!男塾 Sakigake!! Otokojuku) is an anime based on a manga by Akira Miyashita. It was produced by Toei Animation and was considered one of the most underappreciated anime by many Shounen fans.

Why It Rocks

  1. It parodies many tropes of older Shounen anime with martial arts such as Fist Of The North Star and other Shounen anime that are focused on a school with muscular delinquents.
  2. Very funny and clever humor.
  3. Many likable characters such as Momotaro Tsurugi who is brave and won't give up no matter the situation.
  4. Very creative and unique art,visuals and character designs that fit very well with the action and humor of the series.
  5. Well done voice acting.
  6. Very well-written and interesting story as it's about students in a private delinquent school that trains and increases the physical and mental strength of their students to conquer rival schools and prepare them for the challenges they will face.
  7. Heihachi's introduction being overused is a very humorous and funny gag though out the series.
  8. Very awesome and great fight scenes.

Bad Qualities

  1. Same with Toei's other older anime and anime adaptations. there are many animation errors.
  2. Heihachi's introduction though overused in a humorous way. Can get annoying to hear overtime.
  3. It only had 36 episodes and it was an unfinished adaptation similar to Fist Of The North Star.

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