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Chocolate with Nuts (SpongeBob SquarePants)

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Chocolate with Nuts
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I love you
Series: SpongeBob Squarepants
Part of Season: 3
Episode Number: 52a (series)

12a (season)

Air Date: June 1, 2002
Writer: Paul Tibbitt
Kent Osborne
Merriwether Williams
Director: Derek Drymon
Previous episode: Party Pooper Pants
Next episode: Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy V

Chocolate with Nuts is a SpongeBob SquarePants episode from season three and is the highest rated (but not most beloved) episode of the entire series.


SpongeBob and Patrick try to sell chocolate bars to everyone in Bikini Bottom.

Why It Is Fancy Living

Chocolate? Chocolate?! CHOCOLATE!!!
Fancy livin', here we come! La la la la, la!
  1. It shows concept of just how crazy and strange the people who live around you are as SpongeBob and Patrick are mostly swindled into buying things from a con man and get chased around by a crazy guy with an obsession for chocolate.
  2. It uses the idea of a Ren and Stimpy episode named "Rubber Nipple Salesman", but doesn't really feel rehashed unlike certain future episodes.
  3. Speaking of the Chocolate Guy, he is both so terrifying and hilarious that he became a meme.
  4. Very hilarious moments, like the scene where Patrick focusing on a customer.
  5. It gives kids an idea of what it's like to be an entrepreneur (albeit pretty dumbed down).
  6. The following lines:
    • Fancy Livin', here we come!
    • I love you.
  7. The scene with Mary and her mother is perhaps one of the best scenes of the episode.

Bad Qualities

  1. While being hilarious, it can get a bit loud and annoying at times, mainly because of Tom's obnoxious scream "CHOCOLATE" at the top of his lungs.
  2. For an episode about living fancy and trying to sell chocolate for money, Krabs being absent is a bit awkward. He's not even mentioned!


  • The episode received positive reviews from critics and fans alike. It got a 9.6 out of 10 rating on IMDb.
  • It is also widely considered by fans to be one of the three best episodes of the show along with Pizza Delivery and Band Geeks. Among fans, it's a bit more famous than the former, but a bit less famous than the latter. However, among internet culture, this episode is the most popular of all of them due to the "chocolate" meme.



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