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You take the moon and you take the sun
You take everything that seems like fun.
Genre: Animation
Surreal comedy
Running Time: 22 minutes
Country: United States
Release Date: November 2, 2007 – August 7, 2010
Network(s): Cartoon Network
Created by: C. H. Greenblatt
Distributed by: Warner Bros. Television
Starring: Eddy Houchins
Kris Sherwood
Nicky Jones
Dwight Schultz
Tara Strong
Kevin Michael Richardson
John DiMaggio
C. H. Greenblatt
Dana Snyder
Liliana Mumy
Seasons: 3
Episodes: 60

Chowder is an American animated comedy television series created by C. H. Greenblatt for Cartoon Network. The series follows an aspiring young child named Chowder and his day-to-day adventures as an apprentice in Chef Mung Daal's catering company. Although he means well, Chowder often finds himself in predicaments due to his perpetual appetite and his nature as a scatterbrain. It is animated with both traditional animation as well as short stop motion and puppet sequences that are inter-cut into the episodes, and that run over the end credits. Stop motion sequences are produced by Screen Novelties.


The series plot revolves around the titular character Chowder, an aspiring young cook in Chef Mung Daal's catering company. Though he is lighthearted and carefree, Chowder's actions habitually land him in circumstances out of his control, partly due to his hunger and absent-mindedness. His caregivers, Mung and Truffles Daal, as well as Shnitzel, a rock monster who works for Mung, and Kimchi, Chowder's gaseous pet, try to aide Chowder in his ambitions to become a great chef, but they frequently find themselves undermined by the calamitous antics that ensue. Chowder is also undermined by Panini, a girl who has an unrequited love for Chowder, going so far as to say that he is her boyfriend despite the pair not dating.

Why It's Delicious And Tasty To Watch And Taste

  1. Simple, yet wonderful animation and with a color palette and backgrounds that are quite colorful, even for a Cartoon Network series.
  2. Amazing voice acting.
  3. Various clever and funny food names.
  4. Many likable characters like Chowder (most of the time), Panini, Mung and Schnitzel. The character names are also named after a different meal.
  5. Catchy theme song.
  6. Very good and heartwarming finale episode.
  7. Like The Amazing World of Gumball, it is highly creative, as it uses several different styles of animation such as puppetry, stop motion, and traditional animation.
  8. It was one of Cartoon Network's best shows during the infamous CN Real era along with The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack and Total Drama.
  9. Decent plots, such as Chowder trying to help Gazpacho with his jokes.
  10. Great use of fourth wall breaks and idiom humor. One episode even has the show being turned into a boring show about talking about food while another has the voice actors having a car wash in order to raise enough money to get the show's animation back.
  11. The line in "The Elemelons", "YOU BETTER START LEARNING WOMEN!"
  12. It even spawned some hilarious internet memes.

Bad Qualities

  1. Some episodes get mean-spited to some characters (especially Schnitzel, who's frequently violated to this).
  2. Tons of gross-out graphics.
  3. A bunch of unlikable characters, especially Truffles, Reuben, Chestnut, Gorgonzola, Mr. Fugu and Ms. Endive.
    • Chowder also often causes trouble with his short attention span, impatience and reckless behavior, which makes him sometimes unlikable.
    • Panini's crush on Chowder can almost go as far into being a Yandere.
  4. The fourth wall breaks can go way too far.
  5. Some bad episodes such as "The Lollistops", “Chowder and Mr. Fugu”, "Paint the Town", and “A Faire to Remember”.
  6. After a while, some of the food names can be sometimes ridiculous, nonsensical and/or laughable.
  7. Season 3, while not terrible, is considered to be the weakest season of the show, due to the Flanderization of some characters, more uninteresting storylines, the animation being more unnecessarily off-model and wackier (in a bad way), the overuse of fourth wall jokes and being less clever or charming than the previous seasons.
  8. Sometimes, it can overuse needless pop culture references, such as "Super Mario Bros".
    • Their just meant to be there for filler.


  • It holds a rating of 7.3/10 on IMDB, 100% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes & 3 stars out of 5 on Common Sense Media.
  • It received mostly positive reviews. Barry Garron of The Hollywood Reporter thought that the show would appeal to children and adults alike, using exotic artwork, unusual settings, and a zany cast of characters. On Toonzone, Ed Liu expands on the animation and crazy antics of the characters, pointing that "the humor is kid-friendly without being juvenile" and praising it for getting laughs, "without resorting to an excess of toilet humor, even if Chowder's pet happens to be a sentient fart cloud". [1]
  • It won 6 Annie Awards & 3 Emmy Awards.


  • Bubbles from The Powerpuff Girls made a cameo appearance in the season 3 episode, "The Heist" (albeit only as a head when Mung thought that the thing he ate was so sweet). Ms Bellum also made a cameo appearance at the end of the season 2 episode, "The Hot Date".




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