Chris' Long Journey (Sonic X)

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Chris' Long Journey (Sonic X)
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"Friendship is freewill".
Part of Season: 2
Episode Number: 25
Air Date: March 21, 2004 (Japan)
March 19, 2005 (USA)
Writer: Kiyoko Yoshimura
Director: Shigeharu Takahashi
Previous episode: Morning of Farewells (Running Out of Time)
Next episode: Memories of the Wind (A New Start)

Chris' Long Journey (Friends 'Till the End in the 4Kids Dub) is the twenty-fifth episode of the second season, and fifty-first episode overall of the anime series, Sonic X. It first aired on 21 March 2004 and 19 March 2005 in Japan and the United States respectively.


After stopping Sonic from going back to his world, Chris runs away from home with Sonic. As they reach an old cabin in the woods that Chris' parents took him every summer before they became busier and busier, Chris must make a decision: either let Sonic go back to his world, or have Sonic stay in Chris' world forever.

Why It Rocks

  1. The episode was very well written. As it involves Chris learning that he needs to let Sonic go back to his world and must be able to cope without Sonic around, and Chris' parents learning that they need to spend more time with Chris to make him more secure and happy without Sonic around to do it.
  2. All of the characters were well written, as they all display their true overall personalities. Like Sonic, who will always never let anything bad slow him down and will always be filled with excitement and adventure which is exactly what his main video game counterpart's personality is like, and Chris who is a twelve-year-old boy who's parents' constant absences all throughout most of his childhood has led him to develop loneliness and insecurity until Sonic showed up in his life.
  3. The way that Sonic handled the situation he was in where Chris stopped him from going back to his world, and Chris ran away from home with Sonic was very mature and considerate. As Sonic didn't say anything to Chris that would put pressure on him, and just basically went along with the situation until Chris was ready to let him go back knowing that deep down Chris would make the right decision in the end.
  4. The episode also shows why it's so difficult for Chris to let Sonic go. It's because ever since Sonic showed up in his life, Chris felt a lot more confident in himself, and didn't feel lonely and insecure anymore from his parents constant absences that developed the pain inside of Chris. And Chris was afraid that if Sonic left him, he would be all alone and insecure again, and become a coward that can't do anything without Sonic.
  5. This episode also shows how strong the friendship bond between Sonic and Chris is.
  6. The scene where Sonic states to Chris that friendship is free will, and that nobody could make him choose how to feel is a very inspiring quote.                       


  • It holds a rating of 7.5/10 on IMDB.



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