Churn Baby Churn, 2 (Good Eats)

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Churn Baby Churn, 2 is the fifth episode of Season 9 of Good Eats and the second episode to focus fully on ice cream.


After being disgusted by how expensive super premium ice cream is at the megamart (as well as chained to the freezer, Alton Brown sets off to make a recipe so ice cream lovers can make their own delicious super premium ice cream at home.

Why It Rocky Road Ice Cream (Lol couldn't resist)

  1. Make your own vanilla, mint chip and Chocolate, CHOCOLATE, CHOCOLATE ice cream. Recipes can be found here. Oh yeah, CHOCOLATE!!!
  2. Goes into detail over how much air is in a premium ice cream vs a budget ice cream by melting both and comparing the loss of mass.
  3. Describes premium ice cream as a pound cake and budget ice cream with rustic bread with pound cake having smaller and more uniform bubbles whilst the rustic is uneven and has larger bubbles.
  4. A simple formula for premium ice cream, 9, 8, 3, 2, 1. To be specific, 9 ounces of sugar (vanilla sugar if you can make it), 8 egg yolks (yep premium ice creams are made with stirred custards), 3 cups of half and half, 2 teaspoons of vanilla extract (this can be changed for different flavorings such as when Alton made mint chip), and 1 cup heavy whipping cream.
  5. Since he's making a custard, he explains the technique of tempering (slowly adding hot liquid to the egg yolks to slowly raise the temperature to prevent curdling)
  6. Takes a look at ice cream scoops and picks a spade like scoop that digs easily into ice cream. The model Alton chose as the best looks like this.
  7. Takes a look at how the federal government regulates ice cream. BTW, a gallon of ice cream better way 4.5 lbs, or someone's getting a visit.
  8. Takes a look at different ice cream makers and while he does praise the original ice cream maker model, a barrel with metal container that's hand cranked, he goes with a metal bowl with liquid inside that goes into a freezer.

Bad Qualities

  1. While the vanilla sugar is optional (made by placing vanilla beans in sugar for a week), you should know vanilla beans can be quite expensive in some stores
  2. The federal agents confiscate Alton's homemade ice cream at the end.
  3. Who chains ice cream at a store?
  4. Comments on Alton's mint chip ice cream suggest using peppermint extract over oil as the oil is way too potent.


Grust actually made the chocolate ice cream recipe and it tasted very good. His father even claimed it reminded him of an ice cream store he visited in the 70s.



18 months ago
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It's been a while since I added an episode of Good Eats.


17 months ago
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I actually do have the ice cream scoop he recommended and it really is the best you'd ever buy. It has heft to it, cuts through even the firmest of ice creams and the ice cream slips right out.

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