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Comic Relief (Dexter's Laboratory)

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Comic Relief
Comic Relief.jpg
We may not see the Justice Friends here, but at least we get this detailed superhero comic episode.
Part of Season: 3
Episode Number: 9a
Air Date: June 21, 2002
(produced in 2001)
Director: Chris Savino
Previous episode: Opposites Attract
Next episode: A Third Dad Cartoon

"Comic Relief" is the first part of the ninth episode in the third season of Dexter's Laboratory.


Dexter creates a device to make a lifelike superhero comic, with his sister villain "Deestructa".

Why It Rocks

  1. The plot is very creative here, considering it's an episode of the revival. It follows Dexter using his inventions to transform into his favorite comic book, which is very interesting.
  2. Speaking of which, Dexter's superhero comic design is well done and very detailed, along with his voice being well done in adult form.
  3. A superhero having a multi-maker is also impressive, and feels similar to the season 1 episode "Double Trouble".
  4. The Dexters' fight with Deestructa was amazing and entertaining to watch, along with seeing the detailed explosions.
  5. Dexter the Infragible Bulk is a great parody of Marvel's The Incredible Hulk.
  6. Even though we never got to see the Justice Friends here, at least we saw them in a comic Dexter read at the start.
  7. A lot of funny moments, especially the quotes from Superhero Dexter.
  8. In the ending card, instead of "The End" text, it says "Nuff Said!"

Bad Qualities

  1. As always with the third season, the title card looks generic and bland with a white background and a bubble with Dexter inside it.
  2. Bad Ending: Dexter's laboratory got destroyed, Deestructa revealed she was Dee Dee, then it just ended with her escaping from the book and Dexter shouting her name.


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