Courage the Cowardly Dog

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Courage the Cowardly Dog
Courage the Cowardly Dog.jpg
"The things I do for love..."
Genre: Comedy
Running Time: 22 Minutes
Country: United States
Release Date: November 12, 1999 – November 22, 2002
Network(s): Cartoon Network (Worldwide)
Boomerang (worldwide)
Created by: John R. Dilworth
Distributed by: Warner Bros. Television Distribution
Starring: Marty Grabstein
Thea White
Lionel Wilson
Arthur Anderson
Simon Prebble
Paul Schoeffler
Seasons: 4
Episodes: 52

Looking back at them now, most of these Cartoon Cartoons have… not aged well. But Courage was the exceptions.


Courage is… dog with paranoia problems. His owners are an old couple living on a farm in the middle of nowhere. But there is some major bad rain, monsters or any kind of mojo.

Why It Rocks

  1. One of the first new Cartoon Cartoons.
  2. Capable of handing mature subjects well, such as domestic abuse, lesbianism, and implied prostitution.
  3. Great sense of horror, as the villains in the show are delightfully creepy for its rating.
  4. Interesting use of both slapstick animation and CGI.
  5. Original and creative character designs.
  6. Likable characters, such as Courage and Muriel.
  7. Memorable characters.
  8. Memorable creatures and villains, such as Katz, Le Quack, Freaky Fred and The Snowman.
  9. Underrated characters such as The Hunchback from the episode The Hunchback of Nowhere.
  10. Awesome plot.
  11. Amazing soundtrack, such as the background music playing in the intro.
  12. Sophisticated, intelligent and dark episodes, such as Demon In The Mattress, where an actual demon possesses Muriel.
  13. Unique humor.
  14. Amazing animation, especially the CGI.
  15. Interesting and smart writing.
  16. Amazing voice acting.
  17. Some dramatic and sad episodes, such as the last episode, Remembrance of Courage Past which shows what happened to Courage's parents and when he got adopted by Muriel.
  18. Beautifully detailed background design.
  19. Earned a 2014 CGI revival special, which was well-received.
  20. The show is basically a throwback to cartoons and animators from the Golden Age of Animation such as Tex Avery, Bob Clampett, Chuck Jones, Ward Kimball, Max and Dave Fleischer, as well as a few others.
  21. It makes the Twighlight Zone look pleasant.

Bad Qualities

  1. Eustace is a very unlikable character, always teasing and scaring Courage using his mask for absolutely NO reason. You have to wonder why Muriel is still with him despite clearly not approving of these actions.
  2. Some imagery can be WAY too scary for children such as the infamous "You're not perfect" scene in the finale. It also got up to the point where even adults have claimed that they had nightmares.
  3. There are a few bad episodes, like Ball of Revenge.
  4. While the animation is amazing, the animation and CGI is kind of ugly and grotesque.
  5. Some gross-out and horror scenes.
  6. Some character designs were reused, such as Mr. Nasty which is an even nastier version of Eustace.
  7. While they are memorable, there are tons of unlikeable characters.
  8. The 2014 revival was only exclusive to Southeast Asia on Cartoon Network.
  9. The Violin Girl Scene.



  • The names Muriel and Eustace are taken from the middle names of Chandler Bing and Ross Geller of Friends (1994).
  • Courage's dialogue decreased after the first season. This is because the creators at Cartoon Network thought Courage "talked too much" and wanted his dialogue cut short.
  • Lionel Wilson (Eustace) quit halfway through the series and was replaced by Arthur Anderson.
  • This was voice director Peter Fernandez's favourite show that he worked on.
  • Tim Chi Ly, who voices the recurring character Di Lung, was one of the show's animators.
  • Throughout the show of "Courage the Cowardly Dog" John Dilworth's name was somewhere seen in the environment.
  • In addition to hiding his name (or DIL) in every episode, a sketch of creator John Dillworth can be seen throughout most episodes in various locations (predominantly on the wall near the stairs in the house).
  • Courage originated as a side-character called Hamilton in a grotesquely animated short called "Smart Talk with Raisin" that first aired as a segment in episode 1 of season 3 of MTV's "Liquid Television" animated anthology series. The character was then completely reworked and renamed to star in a short called "The Chicken from Outer Space" which aired as an episode of season 1 of "The Cartoon Cartoon Show" and became the de facto pilot for "Courage the Cowardly Dog" series which was animated and written in the same fashion and tone. There was one more Courage the Cowardly Dog short called "The Fog of Courage" that got released in 2014 as a proposed CGI pilot for the revival of the show, and it's also designed and written in the same tone as the original show.
  • The show ends on somewhat of a downbeat note. The 2014 Courage CGI short called The Fog of Courage that was made to raise interest in reviving the show continues the series and ends on a much more lighter note.
  • Courage the Cowardly Dog was not only popular in the United States of America, it was also popular in Europe (especially in Italy), too.




9 months ago
Score 4
I watched this show as a kid, it never scared me.


5 months ago
Score 0
me too


8 months ago
Score -2
You're not perfect.


5 months ago
Score 0

"You're not perfect." \

A blue fetus, 2002


5 months ago
Score 0
Well he is right. Nothing is perfect.


one month ago
Score 0

The ending on the episode "Perfect" is not good.

Also, the show overuses onomatopoeia/written sound effects at times.


one month ago
Score 0
This shouldn't happen to a dog


28 days ago
Score 1
Y̸̨̧̢̭̩͚͍̲̟̒̈́͌̎̂͗́̃̑̒̌̑͘o̸͇̫̜̙̭̟̱͑̃̓͐̚͝ư̸̧̦͙̻̭̿̽̇̑̏̊̑̉̓͊̽̽͠'̶͚͇͖̫̥̉̃́͊͋͋̀r̵̰̜̥͂̔ẽ̸̲͚̘̖͎̠̼̯͆ ̶̧̢͚̤͕̯̪̻̖̫̦̱̜͎̐̈́́̅̈́̉̎̋̄̕ͅṅ̶̨̛̛̛͕̗̪̱̟̜̽͆̑͒̾̍̆͐̚͜o̴̧̠̟̗͑t̷̯͔̞̄̉ ̴̛̤̿̔͗͌̍̓̂͆̂͂͠͝p̵̢̧͖̦͇̱̞͔̈͒̋ȩ̵̼̫̘̣̥̤͙͓͇̞͛̃͜͝͝r̶̨̮͚͖̹̻̳͎͔̣̬̗̮͠f̴̢͔̲̗̰͕̮̊͛́͊̇͌͐͑̂͛̃̚̕̕͠ȩ̸̨͔̤͍̱̟͔̓͗͗̎́̄̎̊̾͊̊͒̽ͅc̵̠̻͙͇̰͓̭͙̱̟̰̮̍͛̀̓ṱ̵̨̡̩̪̭͕͈̝̪̹͓̝̩̙̌

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