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Cow and Chicken

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Cow and Chicken
Cow and Chicken Poster.jpg
Cartoon Network's answer to Ren & Stimpy.
Genre: Comedy
Surreal humor
Running Time: 14 minutes
Country: United States
Release Date: July 15, 1997 – July 24, 1999
Network(s): Cartoon Network
Created by: David Feiss
Distributed by: Warner Bros. Television Distribution
Starring: Charlie Adler
Dee Bradley Baker
Candi Milo
Howard Morris
Dan Castellaneta
Seasons: 3
Episodes: 52

Cow and Chicken is an American animated comedy television series created by David Feiss for Cartoon Network, and the 3rd of the network's Cartoon Cartoons.


A scrawny, 11-year-old chicken reluctantly watches out for his beefy "little" sister, a 7-year-old cow. The unconventional offspring of two human parents, the two young animals navigate their way through suburbia, encountering problems not only at school, but with the devilish schemes of the Red Guy, a crimson-colored antagonist of many guises whose singular intent is to make the siblings' lives miserable. If the character designs and offbeat humor cause viewers to recall The Ren & Stimpy Show, there's a good reason: creator David Feiss worked on that irreverent animated series as well.

Why It Rocks

  1. Smooth and wacky slapstick animation, as well as very funny Tex Avery-esque character designs.
  2. Amazing voice acting, especially from Charles Adler.
  3. Wonderfully odd storylines, such as Chicken wondering if he is a female after supposedly laying an egg.
  4. Incredibly hilarious characters, such as Cow, Chicken and ESPECIALLY the devil Red Guy, who (a lot like Dr. Robotnik from Adventures Of Sonic The Hedgehog) made the show even better in every appearance and brought the show alive.
  5. The show is famous for its great innuendos much like The Ren & Stimpy Show. A good example would be the Red Guy "waxing the dinghy".
  6. Awesome rockin' theme music.
  7. Guy Moon does a great soundtrack.
  8. The creative, and original concept of the brother chicken and his sister cow.
  9. Sometimes relatable, such as Chicken's irritation with his life and his love-hate relationship with his sister.
  10. Detailed background design.
  11. Made use of dark themes, such as Chicken going to hell for smoking.
  12. Moments that didn't require sexual references are still great, such as Cow's Spanish alter-ego, Supercow.
  13. Artistic title cards, which is typical for a Cartoon Cartoon.
  14. The slapstick humor is done well.
  15. The Spin off I Am Weasel is also very good and can even be considered better than Cow and Chicken.

Bad Qualities

  1. Some of the jokes may be too inappropriate or out of place for a modern age kid audience.
  2. Some of its comedy primarily focuses on physically abusing the main characters too much, which isn't that funny.
  3. Abandoned most of its dark themes after the smoking episode.
  4. At least one episode, "Buffalo Gals", was banned for obvious sexual humor in a kid's show.
  5. Sadly, this show hasn’t aged well at all.
  6. There are excessive amount of butt jokes, and although they are actually quite funny, they can sometimes become very annoying, gross, cringeworthy, and uncomfortable.


  • When making the second season, Cartoon Network wanted David Feiss to keep on making "I. M. Weasel" shorts. David Feiss didn't want to make any more, but agreed he would only if he could start using the Red Guy in the "I. M. Weasel" shorts. Since then, the Red Guy was a regular character in Weasel.
  • Charlie Adler based the voices of Cow after Ellen Greene, and Chicken after himself at the age of fourteen.
  • Like several of Cartoon Network's early shows, such as Dexter's Laboratory, Johnny Bravo, and The Powerpuff Girls (1998), it began as a pilot shown in the "What a Cartoon Show".
  • Two episodes were written by members of David Feisse's family. "Me an' My Dog" was written by his wife, Pillar. "Black Sheep of the Family" was written by his son, David Feiss, Jr. (though he was uncredited).
  • It was David Feiss' ex-wife Pillar's idea to have Cow's alter-ego, Supercow speak only in Spanish.


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