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Cueio is a Brazilian animated webseries created by Ronaldo de Azevedo Souza. It had premiered on November 7, 2013 on YouTube. The last episode was released on June 12, 2015, despite the same year's Christmas special being the last official animation of the series. On June 16, 2019, after a year of production, a reboot called Turma do Cueio was released.


The series revolves around Cueio, Vaco and a fat guy (referred to as "cousin" by Vaco). Cueio and Vaco are two small talking animals with the appearance of cute baby animals, but with the ability to transform themselves into anthropomorphic beings with realistic and muscular bodies. At first the series focuses only on nonsense humor, but over the episodes the series starts to develop a story with continuity involving action, drama and new characters who are also cute animals that can transform into anthropomorphic fighters like Cueio and Vaco with the main characters traveling towards a fighting tournament, while it is revealed that Cueio has forgotten his past.

Why It Rocks

  1. The series has a surprisingly good animation quality, smooth and very animated, especially when it comes to an animation series made only by a SINGLE PERSON, having a quality that surpasses several cartoons series of major studios. The animation also shows a big evolution after a little more than 1 year after the release of the first episode.
  2. The concept of cute little animals turning into big and strong anthro fighters is interesting and is executed in a good way.
  3. Amazing fight scenes between the characters.
  4. Some moments are hilarious.
  5. The series has good continuity in its episodes, and sometimes you need to keep watching the episodes in order to find out what's going to happen next.
  6. Amazing characters, most prominently in Cueio which is a unique and unusual type of cold and serious protagonist and also Vaco who is Cueio's best friend being shy and sensitive even when it comes to a big muscular guy.
  7. Some heartwarming scenes like for example in the episode where Cueio and his friends are shown during childhood.
  8. It's notable that the series takes great inspiration from classic fighting animes from the 80s and 90s, like Dragon Ball, Yu Yu Hakusho, Saint Seiya and others.
  9. It has an amazing soundtrack including songs that have become highly memorable like Pudim Amassado (which even became one of the most iconic things for the series) and Bolachinha Voa Voa.
  10. The last episode, even ending as a cliffhanger, was a great episode to end a season, having a much longer duration than the other episodes of the series and involving more serious and dark themes with Cueio learning not to have to deviate from his real goal and go the wrong way.
  11. This series was responsible for helping Ronaldo de Azevedo to become popular and highly known on the internet, being nowadays one of the biggest producers of children's content in Brazil.
  12. Although the series was canceled, Ronaldo did it for a good cause, as he was not enjoying having to work so hard to make the series, as he worked on animating everything practically alone.
  13. Even having short period of production, the series has developed a considerable legacy that continues to call for the series to return, even after Ronaldo has repeatedly confirmed that he does not want to return with the series. Cueio even inspired some Brazilian artists to pursue a career making animations for internet.

Bad Qualities

  1. The unnamed fat guy (nicknamed Primo/Cousin) can be annoying and unlikeable, mainly because most of the time he behaves and talks like a manchild, and in the early episodes he's portrayed as a butt-monkey to Cueio.
  2. The early episodes aren't very perfect, having bland jokes, being slow-paced and Cueio sometimes acting like a jerk to Vaco and the fat guy.
  3. Some voices like Vaco's voice are terrible, since the series had few voice actors (one of them being Ronaldo himself) and some voices were made using voice change programs.
  4. The series ended on a cliffhanger with Cueio, Vaco and the fat guy not making it to the tournament besides not having been revealed the reason why Cueio lost his memory in the past.
    • This also led to a huge waste of potential since many of the new characters that were introduced during the episodes were unable to return.
    • Depending on your point of view the 2019 reboot, Turma do Cueio, is also not very good and undeniably inferior to the original series, since the reboot is a slapstick comedy series made more for children (basing that Ronaldo currently works only on projects focused for children) with the characters having cute and colorful looks, as well as completely different personalities from the originals.