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Curious George is an American animated educational children's television series based on the children's book series of the same name which features Jeff Bennett as the voice of The Man with the Yellow Hat. Frank Welker, who voiced George in the 2006 feature film, returns here as the voice of Curious George. As of October 2018, reruns of the show are still broadcasting on PBS Kids. The show premiered on September 4, 2006, and ended on April 1, 2015.

Why It Rocks

  1. Great and appealing animation that captures the charm of the books (though not as great as the movie).
  2. It's 100% faithful to the book, similar to the movie.
  3. George is still a likeable character who can relate to younger kids, since younger kids are really curious and they want to discover the world around them, just like George.
  4. The narration is nice and gives a book-like feel to the episodes.
  5. It teaches kids new concepts in math and science, with the live-action segments teaching the concept featured in the episode.
  6. Despite sprinkling in some math and science concepts, it doesn't feel too intrusive to the overall episodes.
  7. Has a number of hilarious moments.
  8. Catchy theme song.
  9. A lot of memorable and likable characters, such as The Doorman, Chef Pisghetti, Professor Wiseman, Hundley, Charkie, Gnocchi, and Compass.
  10. The Direct To Video movie, Curious George 3: Back To The Jungle, is a nice conclusion to the series.
  11. It was also one of PBS Kids' longest running shows that debut in the 2000s era.
  12. Despite being aimed at younger audiences, it isn't too dumbed down. So it can still be enjoyed by older audiences.

Bad Qualities

  1. "Charkie Escapes" is considered to be the weakest episode of the show.
  2. Bill referring to George as a city kid can get annoying after a while.