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Math truly is everywhere
Genre: Action
Science fiction
Running Time: 23 Minutes
Country: United States
Release Date: January 21, 2002 – present
Created by: Sandra Sheppard
Distributed by: Portfolio Entertainment
Starring: Jacqueline Pillon
Novie Edwards
Annick Obonsawin
Gilbert Gottfried
Christopher Lloyd
Len Carlson (2002–2006)
Seasons: 12
Episodes: 126

Cyberchase is an on-going animated Canadian-American show that aired on PBS Kids and is produced by Nelvana in Season 1-5 then was produced Title Entertainment Inc. in Season 6-present. The show represents that math is everywhere.


Motherboard, the grand ruler of Cyberspace, has been injected with virus from a evil mad man named Hacker. Meanwhile three Earth children (Inez, Jackie and Matt) are looking for directions at school when suddenly Motherboard appeared and recruited the earth children and teleported them to Cyberspace when they met Dr. Marbles and their helper Digit. Together they must find the Encryptor chip to cure Motherboard once and for all. Whenever each Cybersite is in trouble. It’s up to the earth children to prevent chaos from reigning.

Why It Rocks

  1. The premise itself is very interesting. As the show is about 3 kids who got transported into another dimension in the Internet to save the world from an evil doer.
  2. The show has some pretty clever lessons about math and geometry and how they work. Such as going through patterns, measuring and balancing the right numbers.
  3. The artstyle is very unique.
  4. There are great locations which are called cybersites that based around different cultures. Such as Frogsnorts (which is a homage to Harry Potter’s Hogwarts), Happily Every After (A land of fairytale stories), and many more.
  5. The Hacker is a very entertaining villain. As he is the egotistical scientist with personality trying to take over cyberchase.
  6. Amazing voice acting. Especially for Christopher Lloyd as Hacker and Gilbert Gottfried as Digit.
  7. The main characters are very likable. As they have a good relatable relationship to another and work together to save Cyberspace and their sites.
  8. The animation is decent especially in Seasons 1-5 where it’s in its traditional form.
  9. Not only does it teaches math but it also gives some positive messages such as team, friendship and forgiveness.
  10. Good pacing.
  11. Catchy theme-song.
  12. Nice adventure scenes.

Bad Qualities

  1. The show began to go a bit downhill after season 8. As it shifted from one learning source to another as it focuses more on the environment after it went for a long hiatus. However, there are some aspects that do teach math.
    • Also, Hacker is being less feared from the characters in the show as everyone is less afraid. Which makes him less entertaining than he is before.
  2. It goes on for far too long, especially for a plot-based show. This isn’t always a good thing considering it might run out of ideas.
  3. There is some repetitive dialogue that might get old sooner on such as Inez keep saying, “This is not good, this is not good at all”.
  4. The switch to flash animation at Season 6. At least it’s passable until Season 9 as it is notorious for drastically changed the intro to flash in its second half.
    • Speaking of flash, it is very stiff and slow-paced compared to the animation used in Seasons 1-5.
  5. In the old funding format from 2002 to 2006, some people were tricked that Delete will be a good guy, mainly because he was in the cast on the funding screen that changes colors along with Matt, Jackie, Inez, and Digit, but he was one of the bad guys. This was possibly the reason why the funding format changed.
  6. In Brazil, they only dubbed the first four seasons, due to unknown reasons, they didn't dub Season 5-onwards.
  7. Current seasons are focusing less and less on the story arc of Motherboard’s virus, making it unclear if she will ever be cured before the show ends.


  1. One episode, “The Poddleville Case” was originally a pilot but then got added as the 7th episode of season 1.
  2. This is the 3rd longest running show on PBS kids with Sesame Street being the first and Arthur being 2nd.




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