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DHX Media's World

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DHX Media's World
Screenshot 20211019-201007 YouTube.jpg
Hello, I'm DHX Media, and welcome to my world!
Running Time: 7-14 minutes (depends on episode)
Release Date: September 18, 2020 - present
Network(s): YouTube
Distributed by: Patrick Jenner
Starring: Patrick Jenner
Thane Angle
Seasons: 3
Episodes: 132

DHX Media's World is a web series created by Patrick Jenner that was released on September 18, 2020. It was expected to have 3 seasons from 2020 to 2022. So far, the show hasn’t ended yet.

It involves DHX Media and his friends Tiji, Screen Gems and his heaven self, Nick Jr, Playhouse Disney, Exer, Nitrogen Studios, NBC Kids, Round CPB, CPB, Purple Teletoon, CBS & CBC Kids going on various adventures together while having fun. The show also has 2 antagonists called Dr. Squarehead & his assistant, Robot Viacom.

Why DHX Media Has a Great World

  1. Very funny, cute, & likable characters such as DHX Media, Nick Jr, Nitrogen Studios, Screen Gems, Tiji, Exer, CBS, CBC Kids, Round CPB, CPB, Playhouse Disney, Purple Teletoon, & NBC Kids.
  2. The voice acting is good, as a matter of fact, despite Patrick himself voicing all of the characters.
  3. The idea of logos being friends with each other & going on wacky adventures together is a smart concept, but might result in consequences if put on real life television, since the logos are copyrighted to the companies that own/made the logos.
  4. Several amazing episodes, such as:
    • Tiji's Birthday (a great start to the show)
    • Play Time!
    • The Go-Kart
    • Going to the Real World (and its sequel 'Going to the Real World Again')
    • Fun With The Computer
    • Dance to the Rescue
    • DHX Media Plays Among Us
    • The Newest Villain in the Show (A great introduction to Dr Squarehead and Robot Viacom)
    • Be Brave Nick Jr!
    • Everyone Meets Thomas & Percy
    • The Golden Coin
    • Happy Thanksgiving, DHX Media!
    • Playing in the Dark
    • Mission: To Rescue DHX Media! (Which ended the first season on a high note)
    • The Sucker-Upper (a great start to Season 2)
    • New and Familiar Friends Come to Visit
    • Codebot Comes For A Visit
    • Mission: To Get to the Top of the Door
    • A New Special Friend
    • Listen, Act, Unite!
    • DHX Media’s Fathers Day
    • Computer Madness
    • Everyone Meets the BFB Plushies
  5. Late Season 1 - Season 3 were a huge improvement, as villains have now came to the show, along with new characters.
  6. The plots for each episode are very creative.
  7. The fourth wall breaks are pretty funny, such as Purple Teletoon breaking it by saying "That's right! We'll have a lot of fun!" In the 3rd season's intro.
  8. Fun & catchy soundtrack, such as the theme song.
  9. It teaches people fun & good morals.
  10. Despite the show running for only 1-2 years, it still managed to have three seasons, which is a decent amount of seasons for the show.
  11. Tons of funny moments.
  12. Patrick began adding effects to the show in Season 3, which became more engaging.
  13. Starting from Season 3, the show began extremely famous beginning with the episode "The First Episode of Season 3".
  14. The third and final season is arguably the best season of the series, due to the mentioned reasons above.

Bad Qualities That Make This World Not Fun

  1. Some mean-spirited moments, such as when CPB injured his head in "CPB's Head Injury".
  2. There are some pretty bad and or mean-spirited episodes, such as:
    • CPB’s Head Injury (The first atrocious episode of the series)
    • I Dare You, Nitrogen Studios!
    • Stuck in the Room
    • The Argument
    • The Sock
    • DHX Media's Big Fight
    • The Glove Prank
    • The Bug Injury
    • Exer's Coma
    • DHX Media's Unlucky Day
    • A Trip to the Movies! (depending on your view)
    • Jr's Big Tantrum
      • The episode 'A Trip to the Movies!' could be classified as a complete imitation/parody (depending on your view) of the Disney Junior TV show 'Mickey Mouse Clubhouse'. In the episode, a Toodles-like character, named Dhooxles, makes an appearance. Dhooxles' look is basically identical to Toodles, but with a colorful adjustment, which might make some think it could've been copyright infringement or inspiration. Additionally, Dhooxles also uses the same tones from Toodles' screen time in MMC, and Dhooxles' name is also similar to Toodles' name.
  3. Some of the characters can be unlikable sometimes.
  4. Bad animation, as it is basically using cutout animation. This can be debatable as the series was created by a child-like teenager.
  5. The logos can show stupidity at times.
  6. The show can sometimes act cringeworthy.
  7. Some fourth wall breaks can become overused or unnecessary, such as mentioning the entire show, an episode(s), moments, show creator, etc., or even the show's characters wanting something to be done by the show's creator, who controls the character's movements with Patrick's hand being visible. Pretty much like SML.


  • The show has its own website, where it talks about the show.
  • It does reference some video game gameplays such as in "DHX Media Plays Among Us".


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