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Detetives do Prédio Azul (seasons 1-6)

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A nice example of a good Brazilian live-action.

Detetives do Prédio Azul is a Brazilian live-action created by Flávia Lins e Silva, made for Gloob. It also aired on TV Brasil and TV Cultura.

Why It Rocks

  1. It has an extremely creative story about three children solving many mysteries about objects or people that have disappeared from the building they live in.
  2. Incredible and unique histories.
  3. Likeable characters, including:
    • Tom, the leader of the first generation, is a responsible leader who creates very original inventions.
    • Capim is the wise-cracking and bravest member of the first generation.
    • Mila, altrough sometimes girly, isn't fresh and have good ideas most of the time. Sometimes she is kinda tomboy too, depend of the episode.
    • Severino, the concierge, is pretty honest to the detectives and he is pretty funny for a doorman.
    • Leocádia, is mostly mean but at least she does an incredible role as a villain.
    • Carlos Eduardo is cheesy... In a good way. He also take care of his daughter, Mila.
    • Rafaela at least isn't a vegan stereotype and she deeply cares to Tom.
  4. His intro, despite being short, is quite fun and memorable.
  5. The building's scenery is very beautiful.
  6. The detectives' equipment and uniforms are amazing.
  7. Excellent acting in most episodes of the show.
  8. His first movie was really good.
  9. The voice acting was well received in every country the show premiered.
  10. It was Gloob's first original production as it was launched at the founding of the channel and in addition to starting the channel on a high note, it was the channel's first big success and can be considered, the best Gloob show of all time.

Bad Qualities

  1. Carlos Eduardo's relationships have aged badly, as he left the series single.
  2. It can get pretty stereotypical at times.
  3. The show went downhill on Season 7. Due to the fact that those seasons no longer do the charm of the first six seasons because the Gloob wants to cash in on the show.


  • According to Rede Globo (the owner of Gloob), the show happens on the city of Rio de Janeiro. In the first movie, some parts of the city can be seen.
  • None of the characters use Capim's first name, Cícero, not even Severino (his father) or Capim himself.
  • It is the only remaining show from the channel that was created with the network.
  • It got cancelled in 2015, but, in 2016, it returned for more seasons.