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Welcome to the Incredible World of DiC!

DiC Entertainment AKA The Incredible World of DiC (deek) was an international film and television production company. DiC was bought by Cookie Jar who was then bought by DHX which became WildBrain.

Why Their Shows Rocked

  1. It's known for creating tons of memorable and nostalgic shows like Super Mario Bros. Super Show, Inspector Gadget, What-A-Mess, Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog The Real Ghostbusters, Dennis the Menace, Strawberry Shortcake (2003), Sushi Pack, Madeline, Liberty's Kids, Heathcliff, Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego?, Action Man, Street Sharks, Sabrina: The Animated Series and Sonic the Hedgehog.
  2. It casts the best voice actors for the characters. Such as Jim Cummings, Rob Paulsen, Kath Soucie, and Maurice LaMarche.
  3. Tons of great music chosen for background and opening themes.
  4. Their shows have good animation depending on who is producing it. (DIC's earlier shows tend to have better animation than their later shows, although it still depends).
  5. They have very creative logo designs.                 
  6. Many of their shows have good humor.
  7. They even dubbed some Anime as well.

Bad Qualities

  1. Many of the company's shows tended to be produced on low-budgets with very cheap animation, mainly from 1989 until the Capital Cities/ABC purchase in 1993.
    • Things like this tend to be why the company is normally referred to as Do It Cheap by some people.
  2. Some bad shows like Sonic UndergroundTTSW, Super Duper SumosTTSW, Stargate InfinityTTSW and The Wacky World of Tex AveryTTSW.
  3. Their French studio Les Studios TexTTSW didn't produce very good shows.
  4. Did a really bad job with the American English dub with Sailor Moon, not to mention there were some changes in DiC's dub of Sailor Moon that would make fans feel like DiC rewrote Sailor Moon's history, and some lines and dialogue don't follow the character's actions.
  5. Despite being pronounced “Deek,” many people thought it was pronounced “dick” due to the spelling.





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Why are people such DiC heads?


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Mr. Dready

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When a good company like this made a bad anime dub, They're dub of Sailor Moon.

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