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Dibo The Gift Dragon

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"Hi, I'm Dibo! I'm a gift dragon! Make a wish, I give a gift!"

Dibo The Gift Dragon is a South-Korean computer-animated children's television series created by OCON Studios. It was aired on EBS in South Korea from 2005 to 2006.


"Cozy Land" is a village of puppets which are made out of soft fabrics, which five good friends live in there: Bunny, a pink rabbit who loves style, Annie, a young human girl chef who is kind, shy but a great cook, Cro, a blue bookworm crow who experiments and studies, Elo, a clumsy and troublemaking green elephant who likes to drive with his firetruck and Dibo. Dibo is a good-natured and generous purple dragon who grants wishes to his friends, although those desires do not always turn out to be what they expected.

Why It Rocks

  1. Cute and funny characters.
  2. Fun CGI animation, even for 2005 standards, which is a good decision.
  3. Funny and heartwarming scenes.
  4. Dibo is the best character in the series.
  5. Entertaining and educational.
  6. Has scenes of compassion and learning.
  7. Their personalities might resemble as MLP:FiM characters.

Bad Qualities

  1. Bunny is usually the villainous-acting one, she can be mean and greedy at times, but later on a good bunny.
  2. Many teenagers and older kids usually hate this show at times.
  3. Dibo The Gift Dragon only had a few cast actors.


  • Their reboot, "Dibo and Friends" appears in Korea 3D Showcase.
  • It is the first Korean animation to be on Playhouse Disney as mentioned in SlideShare.
  • It is wrong in IDMb that it has one season, it has 3 seasons.
  • They have a magazine cover in "KIDSCREEN" since 2005.
  • They are the 1st place animation that won in "STAR PROJECT".
  • They have are the special jury prize of Pulcinella Awards Italy 2005.