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"The Dilbert Zone"
Genre: Comedy


Running Time: 22 minutes
Country: United States
Release Date: January 25, 1999 - July 25, 2000
Network(s): UPN (Original Airing)
Comedy Central (Reruns)
Fox Kids (Latin America)
Created by: Scott Adams
Distributed by: Columbia TriStar Television Distribution
Starring: Daniel Stern
Chris Elliott
Larry Miller
Gordon Hunt
Kathy Griffin
Jackie Hoffman
Jason Alexander
Tom Kenny
Seasons: 2
Episodes: 30

Dilbert is an American animated sitcom adaptation of the comic strip of the same name, produced by Adelaide Productions, Idbox and United Media, and distributed by Columbia TriStar Television. The first episode was broadcast on January 25, 1999, and was UPN's highest-rated comedy series premiere at that point in the network's history; it lasted two seasons with thirty episodes on the network and won a Primetime Emmy before its cancellation. Reruns also aired on Comedy Central from 2002 until 2003.


The series follows the adventures of a middle-aged white-collar office worker, named Dilbert, who is extremely intelligent in regards to all things that fall within the boundaries of electrical engineering. Although Dilbert's intelligence greatly surpasses that of his incompetent colleagues at work, he is unable to question certain processes that he believes to be inefficient, due to his lack of power within the organization. Thus, he is consistently found to be unsatisfied with the decisions that are made in his workplace, because of the fact that many times he has many suggestions to improve the decision, yet is incapable of expressing them. Consequently, he is often found to show a pessimistic and frustrated attitude, which ultimately lands him in various comedic situations that revolve around concepts like leadership, teamwork, communication, and corporate culture.

Why It Rocks

  1. It's very faithful to the original comics, as it stays true to Dilbert's "wacky" yet "relatable" feeling.
  2. Good storylines for almost all the episodes and it runs smoothly throughout the length of the series.
  3. Intresting plot for the first season, it centers on the creation of a new product, the "Gruntmaster 6000". The first three episodes involve the idea process ("The Name", "The Prototype", and "The Competition" respectively); the fourth ("Testing") involves having it survive a malevolent company tester named "Bob Bastard", and the fifth ("Elbonian Trip") is about production in the famine-stricken fourth-world country of Elbonia. The prototype is delivered to an incredibly stupid family in Squiddler's Patch, Texas, during the thirteenth and final episode of the season, "Infomercial", even though it was not tested in a lab beforehand. The family's misuse of the prototype creates a black hole that sucks Dilbert in; he instantly wakes up in the meeting seen at the start of the episode, then locks his design lab to keep the prototype from being shipped out.
  4. The animation is great and looks exactly like it was lifted from the comic books done by Yeson Entertainment and Rough Draft Studios.
  5. Many funny and clever jokes.
  6. Cool music, especially the theme song.
    • One interesting thing to know is that the intro is a remix of "The Forbidden Zone".
  7. Voice acting has simply no faults what-so-ever and is well done, especially from people like Daniel Stern, Chris Elliott, Larry Miller, Gordon Hunt, and Kathy Griffin.
  8. It's mostly clean compared to most adult cartoons, and could even be mistaken for a kids show (Hence the fact it's rated TV-PG).
    • This even lead to it airing on Fox Kids in Latin America.
  9. It was one of the few animated shows that was not syndicated from another network on UPN.
  10. Funny and generally likable characters.
  11. "Pregnancy/The Delivery" are episodes that have done the "Male Pregnancy" trope right.

Bad Qualities

  1. It can be boring sometimes.
  2. The pacing is a bit slow.


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