Dinosaur King

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Dinosaur King
Dinosaur King.jpg
Dino Slash!
Genre: Action
Science Fiction
Running Time: 30 minutes
Country: Japan
Release Date: February 4, 2007
Network(s): Nagoya TV
TV Asahi
TV Tokyo
Created by: Sunrise
Distributed by: Katsuyoshi Yatabe
Starring: Matt Hoverman
David Zen Mansley
Megumi Matsumoto
Rebecca Soler
Sean Schemmel
Eric Stuart
Marc Thompson
Mike Pollock
Laurent Vernin
Gregory Abbey
Wayne Grayson
Lisa Ortiz
Erica Schroeder
Veronica Taylor
Dan Green
Sebastian Arcelus
Madeleine Blaustein
Darren Dunstan
Rachael Lillis
Annice Moriarty
David Wills
Meredith Zeitlin
Michael Sinterniklaas
Kether Donohue
Seasons: 1-2
Episodes: 79

Dinosaur King (古代王者恐竜キング Kodai Ōja Kyōryū Kingu, literally "Ancient Ruler Dinosaur King") is a Japanese anime television series created by Sunrise, card-based arcade game from Sega that uses the same gameplay mechanics from Mushiking but uses super-powered dinosaurs instead of beetles.


Season 1

Max Taylor is the son of paleontologist Dr. Spike Taylor. After falling out of bed early one morning and witnessing a meteor fall from the sky, Max sets out with his friends Rex Owen and Zoe Drake into a forest where the meteor had crashed. They find stones with the symbols for lightning, wind, and grass on them and a card with a picture of a Triceratops on it. The Triceratops that is later named Chomp is accidentally activated when Max rubs the card on the stone. The D-Team meet their new enemies in the Alpha Gang consisting of Dr. Z, Ursula, Zander, Ed, Seth, Laura, Rod, Helga, and the Alpha Droids. The Alpha Gang plans to obtain the Dinosaur Cards that were lost when their time machine exploded and stranded them in the present. Rex activated a Carnotaurus card which was named Ace and Zoe activated a Parasaurolophus which was named Paris. The D-Team and Alpha Gang often clash for possession of dinosaurs that are activated when their cards are activated. In the finale, Seth turns on his comrades with his Black Tyrannosaurus which is ultimately defeated. Seth attempts to bring Chomp back to the past which fails and Seth is sent into the past alone. The D-Team surrender their dinosaurs to Rex's original parents, with many tears.

Season 2

The Alpha Gang and the Ancients return. While the parents are talking, they are kidnapped by Gavro, a member of the Spectral Space Pirates. This causes the Alpha Gang and D-Team to join forces against the Space Pirates in their plot to obtain cosmic jewels known as the Cosmos Stones. Seth later returns as an ally to the Spectral Space Pirates after they saved him from the time portal. Spectre, the leader of the Space Pirates, provides the dinosaur cards. In episode 75, Seth seems to become a traitor as he appeals to the D-Team for help saying that they forced him to help them. However, it was really a trick to get the two Cosmos Stones in D-Team's control, despite the fact that he attacks and defeats his comrades two episodes later. In the end although the Spectral Space Pirates manage to catch all seven Cosmos Stones, Seth and the Pterosaur defeat the Black Pterosaur. Rex, his parents, and the Alpha Gang leave to their own time as the Spectral Space Pirates are floating around in a pod.

Why It Rocks

  1. It has very well designed dinosaurs that almost look real.
  2. Despite all the moments happening in the show, there is also a good chance something interesting would be in the show.
  3. It has great action of fights and battles which shows off a nice take.
  4. The main cast of the characters are not only likable, but funny too.
  5. Good animations style to that of Pokémon, Sonic X and Bakugan. In other words, a pretty nice anime type animation that anyone can actually enjoy.
    • It even perfectly balance the 2D and CGI animations together.
  6. The English dub by 4Kids Entertainment was very good, such as Darren Dunstan playing as Zannder or Veronica Taylor playing as Max Taylor.
  7. Lots of funny moments in a couple episodes such as the characters freaking out in the episode "Lights, Camera, Destruction!".
  8. The chibi forms of the dinosaurs such as Chomp (Gabu) are really adorable!
    • Even the bond between the D-Team, the Alpha Gang, and even Spectre with their dinosaurs are also adorable too.
  9. The season 2 finale was a nice send off to the series.
  10. It not only features classical dinosaurs, but also other dinosaurs that are either unique and original in media that are new to people who never seen or heard before.
  11. There are some education moments, like when Dr. Spike Taylor was telling the kids how the Saltasaurus got it's name.
  12. It does send a message telling that you can't hold on to friends forever, and you'll have to let them go eventually.
  13. The theme song can be somewhat catchy (depending on your view).

Bad Qualities

  1. It feels like a cheap imitation of Pokémon, while sometimes ripping off Yu-Gi-Oh!.
  2. There can be some confusing plot holes and continuity errors, for some good examples:
    • In "Carnival of Chaos", the Alpha Gang where using dinosaurs that the D-Team already previously rescued, and even if they were it's doesn't explain how the Alpha Gang got them back.
    • It's never explain how Rex's parents were recovered back in the pod room in the time machine, even though Dr. Z and Seth jettisoned their pods into the timestream.
    • In "A Kyoto Caper", they mention that the Fukuisaurus was the last of the dinosaurs to escaped from it's egg capsule, but in "The 39 Thieves", it's revealed that the Isisaurus (Genie) is actually the last true dinosaur to escaped from it's egg capsule.
      • Also they never really explain how the Isisaurus egg capsule was in Ancient Persia whereas most of the egg capsules were found in the modern day present.
  3. It wasn't safe from 4Kids dumb censorship, a few easily recognizable ones are "Ninja Nightmare", "Field of Screams", and "Beast or Famine" (this was likely because they removed the Japanese text in certain shots).
  4. The villain's are a bit too cliché.
  5. Despite being a likable protagonist, Max Taylor can have his dumb moments like when he got easily tricked by Rod and Laura because of his stubbornness in "Dueling Dinos", or having meanspirited moments like in "Santa Saurus" when his parents gave him a math book to help him in his studies, only for him to literary throw the book in his own mother's face! (though, he did at least apologize to them in the end).
  6. There's a very hypocritical message that dinosaurs are not meant to fight, in a show about that is mainly dinosaurs fighting each other. Doesn't that sound familiar?
  7. The CGI, while still very detailed, hasn't aged very well and it can look pretty fake (but still better in quality than it was compared to Kirby: Right Back at Ya!).




16 months ago
Score 4

I Tried the 4kids Dub of Dinosaur King but i Didn't Like it.

But if you Liked it, Thats Fine.


15 months ago
Score 4
My childhood :)


8 months ago
Score 1
I remember that there was a Hindi dub of this in Nick India that always air at 11:00 PM.

Klasky Ichi Henson

one month ago
Score 0
Why does the Vyond community say that this show is rip off to Pokemon when there by the same people?


17 days ago
Score 0
I love this show!

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