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Discovery Kids was an educational television channel owned by Discovery Communications that lasted from 1996-2010.

Discovery Kids still has channels in Latin America, Brazil, and Asia.

Why it Rocks

  1. It features many programs that teaches viewers any topics without coming across as boring or uninteresting.
  2. Features good blocks from "Ready Set Learn" to "Real Toons" to "DK".
  3. Appeals to both children and teenagers.
  4. Great, entertaining and educational.
  5. Just like DiC Entertainment, it produced many nostalgic cartoons (e.g. Growing Up Creepie, Grossology, etc.) that are still liked by many people to this day.

Bad Quailities

  1. Has some wrong information at times.
  2. Their sister international Discovery Kids channels (highly influenced by the Latin American feed) are pretty bad international feeds, which ended the international feeds of Australia and India getting shut down years later.