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Disney's Raw Toonage

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Disney's Raw Toonage
Raw Toonage.gif
Here they are. The Disney Afternoon equivalent of Space Goofs.
Genre: Comedy
Running Time: 22 minutes
Country: USA
Release Date: September 19, 1992 - December 5, 1992
Network(s): NBC (USA)
CityTV (Canada)
RTL (Germany)
SBT (Brazil)
Seven Network (Australia)
Created by: Andre Franquin, Ed Wexler
Starring: Steve Mackall as Marsupilami
Jim Cummings as Maurice the Gorilla, Norman the Hunter, Darkwing Duck, and Bonkers D. Bobcat
Corey Burton as Ludwig Von Drake
Alan Young as Scrooge McDuck
Nancy Cartwright as Fawn Deer
June Foray as Aunt Mindy
Seasons: 1
Episodes: 12

Raw Toonage (A.K.A. Disney's Raw Toonage) is an American animated variety show by Disney. It features segments like Bonkers, Totally Tasteless Video, and Marsupilami. Each episode are hosted by a Disney character. Segments include Bonkers, Totally Tasteless Videos, And Marsupilami.

Why It Rocks

  1. Good animation.
  2. Awesome voice acting.
  3. Like many Disney Afternoon shows, it has an very appealing and well-composed musical score for each segment that stays consistent.
  4. Marsupilami can speak for the first time. Thanks to his voice actor, Steve Mackall.
  5. Decent amount of familiar cultural references.
  6. Familiar Disney Characters from The Disney Afternoon and other classic Disney cartoons we all know and love have made appearances in the show.
  7. The segments that range from the Marsupilami segments to the Bonkers segments, for example, are all entertaining to watch.
  8. Bonkers and Fawn Deer are a loving couple in the Bonkers segments, especially by having a 'Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse' type of relationship that is very cute.

Bad Qualities

  1. Marsupilami's theme songs can be a bit too clownish.
  2. The characters have their flaws here and there.
    • Maurice the Gorilla can be providing way too much gross-out than necessary.
    • While Bonkers does give decent morals to the viewer, he can sometimes be very unreasonable and flawed at giving proper morals to the viewer in some segments that appear in a way that shows how Bonkers's fourth-wall breaking can be very bland and predictable to the point that it feels unnecessary.
      • A good example of this is the How to be a Deliver episode, where Bonkers tells the viewer to never deliver anything to anyone on Saturdays all because Bonkers clearly blundering himself because of his own foolish behavior on one delivery just to watch his 'favorite show' , then he mixes up his message at the end when Fawn Deer smooches him & then Bonkers says it can be ok, which seems incredibly vague. It's harmless as a senseless comedy-oriented show like this, but it can be very questionable why you should attempt telling morals to kids that people just won't take seriously or some that would find it misleading.
  3. Some fans of the original Marsupilami comics or the recent animated series do not like the Disney version of Marsupilami. Some have even hated it when Marsupilami speaks full-on sentences.
  4. Much like Freakazoid, some adults are likely to find the show forced and derivative. Especially for how much it tries to be like Looney Tunes as a series.


  • Several episode clips of the Marsupilami segments are featured on Piñata Farms.
  • On October of 2021, Marsupilami was added to Uberduck text to speech.