Do Not Walk, Keep On Running (Running Man Animation)

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Do Not Walk, Keep on Running is the first episode of the animated series Running Man.


The 100th Running Man Championship has now begun. Liu participates on behalf of his tribe and arrives to the Tree City gate. Right then, the opening game starts with the announcement saying, "Do not walk, run!" Looking puzzled, Running Man players confront unexpected difficulties...

Why It Rocks

  1. The story of the series is presented to us in a correct way.
  2. The 2D animation at the beginning is well animated.
  3. And also the narrator's voice blends well.
  4. The 3D (both in the characters and in the background) looks good.
  5. The music combines with the moment shown.

The Only Bad Quality

  1. At some point in the episode they focus more on the Kuga and Lonky rivalry.


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