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Doodle Toons

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Doodle Toons is an Irish independent animated web series and comic strip created by Jack O’Callaghan (cartoonlover98 / SomeDoodNamedJack) and produced by home studio Clever Clover Productions.


The series revolves around the life of Bellybutton, an un-aged anthropomorphic rabbit who lives in a small cottage (created from a now-rotting banana), in a small forest. Accompanied by his girlfriend, and sweetheart, Jellybean, he frequently finds himself involved in various shenanigans around the woodlands, during which he interacts with various friends and enemies, and the occasional un-named citizens.

Why It’s Doodle

  1. The webtoon offers a well-conceived homeage to the many cartoons of the mid-20th century (particularly the works of Walt Disney, Chuck Jones, and Hanna-Barbera), while often adding new twists.
  2. Simplistic, smooth, and colorful art style.
  3. The house designs are very creative.
  4. Memorable and adorable characters with their own unique personalities, examples being the goofball protagonist Bellybutton, his cranky girlfriend Jellybean, the slow-witted Cruncher, the happy-go-lucky Goldie, the shy but down-to-earth Pip, the evil rabbit-hungry Bear, and the troublemaking Ringo.
  5. Hilarious episode plots, such as Cruncher jinxing Bellybutton.
  6. The jokes and gags have gained cleverness over the years.
  7. The animation quality and character designs have really improved a lot since since 2017.
  8. The soundtrack choice is very nostalgic.
  9. Decent voice acting.

Bad Qualities

  1. Some of the imagery in the pilot "Rabbit for Dinner" is a tad inappropriate for young viewers.
  2. The humor can be mean-spirited at times.
  3. The series ended up being cancelled and it never really got a proper finale to the series after Jack C. left his YouTube career to do more Doodle Toons comics and other things he does in real life.
  4. Pretty stiff and weak character animation in some videos.
  5. The spontaneous face changes often come off as random and out of place.