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Dooly the Little Dinosaur

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Dooly the Little Dinosaur


Genre: Animated sitcom
Running Time: 15 minutes
Country: South Korea
Release Date: October 7, 1987 - May 5, 1988 (original series)
December 25, 2008 - December 3, 2012 (revival)
Network(s): KBS 1TV
Disney Channel
Created by: Kim Soo-jung
Distributed by: CJ E&M (CJ Entertainment)
Seasons: 3
Episodes: 39

Dooly the Little Dinosaur (Korean: 아기공룡 둘리; Agigonglyong Dulli) is a South Korean animated series based on the manhwa of the same name by Kim Soo-jung.

It originally ran on KBS 1TV from October 7, 1987 to May 5, 1988, with a revival on Tooniverse airing from December 25, 2008 to December 3, 2012. Despite being obscure outside of its home country, it, along with Pororo the Little Penguin and Pucca, is one of the most beloved and successful cartoons in South Korea, spawning merchandise and a movie called, Dooly the Little Dinosaur: Ice Star Adventure.

요약 (Summary)

Dooly is a baby dinosaur that was kidnapped by aliens, who had experimented to give him magical powers. When he returned to Earth, he was trapped in an ice glacier causing him to faint during the Ice Age. About 100 million years later, one of the glaciers broke off and he came to Seoul.

그것이 흔들리는 이유 (Why It Rocks)

  1. The concept of a baby dinosaur with magical power that were given by aliens and somehow ends up in Seoul about being trapped in an ice glacier is pretty neat for a cartoon.
  2. The theme song in the original 1987 series is beautiful, with the theme song in the 2008 revival being soothing and pleasant to hear.
  3. The character designs are cute and appealing to look at.
  4. Many of the episodes' plots are exciting, creative and entertaining, such as the second episode of the first season, as well as the fifth and sixth episode with Dooly, Douner and others time traveling.
  5. This show also has heartwarming and emotional moments, such as Dooly missing his mother so much he felt homesick.
  6. Great animation, especially in the revival and the movie where the animation style is more fresher and smoother than before.
  7. Likable and relatable characters, at least most of them, such as Dooly.
  8. The revival can be just as good as the original.
  9. The voice acting is decent.

나쁜 품질 (Bad Qualities)

  1. Kildong can be a very unlikable character at times, especially because the way he treats Dooly and his friends (aside from Heedong).
  2. The animation, at least in the original series, looked pretty bad in most episodes, such as My Friends.
  3. Some inappropriate moments especially for a show aimed to children, such as in episode 9 where one "troubleshooter" who was with the circus trying to find Ddochi said the word "bastard", there's even a scene where Heedong urinates of Dooly while he's sleeping, were not joking!
  4. The show received controversies over the years, especially when it first aired on television due to the cartoon being a bit violent, as well in the recent years as the character Michol had an appearance being likened to blackface.
  5. Gross-out humor is present in the series, though not too frequent.

하찮은 일 (Trivia)

  • Dooly is one of the most popular characters in South Korea, along with Pororo.
    • Unlike Pororo the Little Penguin, Dooly doesn't get much exposure outside of South Korea or translated in many languages other than Korean. However, there has been a few attempts at reaching out outside of Dooly's home country such as bringing Dooly to Germany with the German dub of Dooly the Little Dinosaur: Ice Star Adventure called, "Dooly, der Kleine Dino" in 1998 by Vision Film (now known as Neue Visionen).
  • Dooly has received a resident registration card, which makes him a citizen of South Korea.