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Unleash the Dragon!

Dragon Booster is a Canadian animated series first broadcast in 2004. It follows the story of young Artha Penn, a stable boy who rides Beaucephalis (or "Beau" for short), the dragon of legend. He becomes a Dragon Booster, a hero to protect the world from the impending Dragon-Human war and unite humans and dragons for all time.


In a timeless world, humans and dragons co-exist together. An ordinary teenager named Artha Penn was plunged into a extraordinary adventure when he was the chosen one to ride Beaucephalis, the dragon of legend (or sometimes called Beau for short). It was then Artha's life was changed when he transformed into the a legendary known as the Dragon Booster! Artha's quest is to save the world from a war and uniting dragons and humans forever and racing to win dragon races where the 12-ton reptiles go fast at 200 miles per hour. The time has come to release the power of the dragon!

Why It Rocks

  1. Interesting and awesome premise.
  2. Great characters such as Artha, Lance, Word and Morrdryd.
  3. Amazing intro.
  4. The voice acting is superior.
  5. The dragons are beautiful and nice to look at.
  6. Engaging storyline.
  7. The backgrounds are a very pleasant sight.
  8. It was Nerd Corps' first animation project
  9. Smooth cel-shaded CGI (during action moments), although.... (see BQ#1)

Bad qualities

  1. The animation can be off-putting to some viewers (when it becomes slow and choppy in non-action scenarios).
  2. Has been sadly canceled after 3 seasons and 39 episodes.