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Drake & Josh
Genre: Sitcom
Running Time: 22 minutes
Country: United States
Release Date: January 11, 2004 - September 16, 2007
Network(s): Nickelodeon
Created by: Dan Schneider
Distributed by: ViacomCBS Domestic Media Networks
Starring: Drake Bell
Josh Peck
Nancy Sullivan
Jonathan Goldstein
Miranda Cosgrove
Seasons: 4
Episodes: 57

Drake & Josh is an American teen sitcom that ran on Nickelodeon from January 11, 2004 until September 16, 2007. The series, created by Dan Schneider, focuses on Drake and Josh, who hang out each other, after suddenly becoming stepbrothers, as Drake and his sister Megan's mother, and Josh's father get married.


Drake Parker and Josh Nichols couldn't be more different, and now that they've become stepbrothers and live in the same house, those differences are all the more obvious. With separate friends and aspirations in high school, the new siblings have unpredictable days and hilarious adventures while getting used to being family.

Why It Rocks

  1. Drake and Josh are a hilarious comedy duo.
  2. Likable and hilarious characters, like Drake, Josh, Walter, and Craig, and Eric.
    • On top of that, Crazy Steve is one of the best characters in the show. His quotes are also very entertaining and memorable.
  3. Funny jokes and gags.
  4. Plenty of heartwarming moments, like the ending of the episode "Josh Is Done" when Josh doesn't want to deal with Drake anymore, Drake apologizes, and they become close again.
  5. The theme song is very catchy.
  6. It created tons of memorable quotes, including "I'm pressing it!".
  7. Its TV films Go Hollywood and Merry Christmas, Drake and Josh are fun to watch.
  8. Drake and Josh as their cartoon counterparts made a cameo appearance in one episode of The Adventures of Kid Danger.

Bad Qualities

  1. Some jokes are too mean-spirited.
  2. Some bad episodes like, Theatre Thug Peruvian Puff Pepper, and "Tree House".
  3. Megan can be very unlikable because she almost always gets Drake and Josh in trouble just for fun.

Episodes With Their Own Pages



Deepthroat Ghoul

24 months ago
Score 3
While this show isn't a masterpiece and has quite a few flaws (in fact, many of the same ones that would dominate Schneider's later works), Drake & Josh was done with enthusiasm, if not heart, which allows you to forgive it, because it was very good-natured with genuinely funny moments.


8 months ago
Score 0
how did this show go downhill?


8 months ago
Score 0
That's what I wanna know.


7 months ago
Score 0
I removed the Downhill category


6 months ago
Score -3
It went downhill by Miranda Cosgrove growing up on this show before starring in iCarly.


6 months ago
Score 4
Jego, that makes no sense whatsoever.


6 months ago
Score -4
Yeah, Jego, what's the point of this show going downhill just because of Mirana Cosgrove? That's nonsense.


4 months ago
Score 0
I love it's theme song


one month ago
Score 0
The golden age of Nickelodeon live action shows.

Orangeboy 2003

one month ago
Score 0
I love Drake and Josh but I don't really like the merry Christmas movie but I do respect other's opinions

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