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"Edd may be gone, but his world will keep on spinning." -Tom
Genre: Comedy
Flash animated series
Running Time: 2–13 minutes (depending on which eddisodes.)
Country: United Kingdom
Release Date: June 6, 2003 – present
Network(s): YouTube (2006-present)
Newgrounds (2003-present) (2003-2008?)
Albino Blacksheep (2009-present)
DeviantArt (2004-present)
Kongregate (games only, 2009-present)
SheezyArt (2005-2013, online until 2009)
Created by: Edd Gould
Distributed by: Eddsworld
CakeBomb (2006-2012)
TurboPunch Ltd. (2012-2016)
Starring: Edd Gould (2003-2012)
Tim Hautekiet (2012-2016)
Thomas Ridgewell (2004-2016)
Matt Hargreaves (2005-present)
George Gould (2020-present)
Tord Larsson (2005-2008, 2010)
Alex L'Abbé (2004-2005)
Paul ter Voorde (2008-2016)
Ed Templer (2021-present)
Episodes: 82

Eddsworld is an independent British web comedic flash animation and artistic media production series that was created by Edd Gould in 2004 and ran until 2016, but came back on 1st August 2020.


An optimistic Brit named Edd constantly gets into crazy and weird situations, adventures and hi-jinks with his three friends, Matt, Tom and Tord. However, ever since Tord left, (since 2008) Edd was only left with his two friends, Matt and Tom.

Why It Deserves Cola And Bacon

  1. Ever since the tragedy (Edd Gould dying of cancer in 2012), the series still kept on running until 2016 (though it was revived in 2020), which shows the inspiring determination of the other managers of the show who had to deal with Edward Gould's death. Edd was even given a new voice actor (Tim Hauntekiet), who stayed true to Edd's character, and later by Edd's brother, George Gould.
  2. Speaking of which, Eddsworld has great voice actors who are passionate about their roles.
    • Ed Templer did a spot-on voice of Tom after the real Tom "Thomas Ridgewell" left.
  3. Lively, smooth, clean, and colorful backgrounds and animation that really improved over the years.
  4. Terrific character designs.
  5. Likable characters, such as the three main characters, Edd, Matt and Tom.
  6. Creative and funny episode names, such as WTFuture and The Snogre.
  7. And speaking of funny episode names, it also has many puns on some eddisodes that Edd is interested in, such as "Puniversal" (parody that is based on Universal Pictures), "BeLEAF" (pun of believe) "MiSTEAK" (pun of mistake), and many others.
  8. Great villains, such as Eduardo, Zanta Claws and Tord. (which he was originally a member of the main group until 2008.)
  9. Awesomely creative and surreal adventures.
  10. Hilarious gags. For example, whenever there's a flashback, a crowd singing "flaaaashbaaack" is heard in the background, and some of the jokes are actually references to the voice actors. For example, ASDF Land is based on the popular black-and-white web cartoon, asdfmovie, which was created by Tom.
  11. Despite being a show aimed at teens and adults, the show rarely includes qualities of an average adult cartoon (violence, sexual content etc.), so it mainly focuses on the characters and the humor, which is still well received by its target audience.
  12. The End was a funny and emotional finale to Tom's contribution to the series, especially considering it returned an old fan favorite, Tord, in a different kind of way.
  13. Memorable catchphrases.
    • A heartwarming catchphrase coming from Edd himself. "It's pretty swell."
    • The funny catchphrase from Matt "AAAAAAAAAAHH!!! NOT THE FACE!"
  14. A gag of Edd drinking a can of Coca-Cola will always be kept (since it was his favourite drink.)
  15. The theme song is very catchy.
  16. Despite product placement, there is some brilliant references, hence, Edd, Tom, Matt, and Tord going to the top of the Coca-Cola caravan truck away from Zanta Claws based on the nostalgic 1995 Coca-Cola commercial from the 2007 Eddisode: "Zanta Claws."
  17. It was spotlighted as the 4th most viewed comedian, and had the most subscribed channel in the comedian category on YouTube for the UK after Edd's death in March 2012.
  18. The weird smear frames are noticeable and funny to look at.
  19. This show deserves to have 98% likes and has more positive reviews on Google, given how Eddsworld ended up being more popular for a web comedy than any of the other well-known shows on TV such as South Park, The Simpsons, Family Guy, Beavis and Butt-Head, and SpongeBob Squarepants.
  20. Has many great Eddisodes, for example:
    • Tord's Adventure
    • Zombeh Nation
    • Breakfast
    • Christmas Visitor
    • Hello Hellhole
    • This World of Edd
    • The "Zombeh Attack" trilogy
    • The Dudette Next Door
    • Ruined
    • The "Zanta Claws" trilogy
    • Spares
    • Moving Targets
    • 25ft Under the Seat
    • Matt Sucks
    • MovieMakers
    • Climate Change
    • Xmas Day
    • WTFuture
    • Hammer and Fail
    • Space Face (which ended the classic era and started the Legacy era on a high note.)
    • Date Night
    • The Snogre
    • Hide and Seek
    • Fun Dead
    • PowerEdd
    • Mirror Mirror (The genderbend Eddisode)
    • Trick or Threat
    • Christmas Eddventure
    • Saloonatics
    • The End (which ended the Legacy era on a high note.)
    • The Beaster Bunny (which started the Beyond era on a high note.)

Bad Qualities

  1. Tom's constant hate for Christmas can get offensive and annoying, and it can make him unlikeable occaisonally.
  2. Considering the series started out on Newgrounds, the animation in the earlier episodes started out really slow. But it still had a very nice charm to it.
  3. We never did find out the truth about Tom's eyes yet.
  4. Sometimes the episodes are not that well-structured.
  5. Some Eddisodes could have some product placements that didn't have any puns to hide the name such as Hello Hellhole (for Google, despite the designs being different) and Zanta Claws. (for Coca-Cola, despite the reference is very amusing and often nostalgic.)
  6. When the "Legacy" era premiered, Edd was flanderized from a little serious, funny, and crazy personality to being more energetic and more hyper than usual, which that makes him behaves a little familiar to Matt. But he got his old personality back when the "Beyond" era premiered, thanks to Edd's brother George.
  7. Somewhat misleading title: Despite the show name suggests as "Eddsworld", some Eddisodes ended up having Edd as a secondary character, cameo, or nowhere to be seen, including "The End" where the main characters are Tord and Tom. (depending on your view)


  • Todd Bryanton, aka LilDeuceDeuce, made the Eddsworld and asdfmovie music.
  • Professor Why, a parody of Doctor Who, is a running gag in the series.
  • The last episode Edd Gould made was Space Face.
  • Thomas claimed that the show will now be handled by Edd's friends and family. However Matt is now the one handling the show in 2020.
  • An Eddsworld fan movie was announced, but was cancelled in February 2021 due to production difficulty, delays, and problems, and it was originally stated as being released for Eddsworld 10th anniversary in 2014.
  • Thomas claimed that The End Part 2 was a metaphor for how Edd's cancer came back and destroyed everything that they had developed together.
  • Despite the show ended in 2016, it came back on 1st August 2020 for a new Eddisode: "Fan Service 2" as that marks the start of the "Beyond" era of Eddsworld.
  • The special Eddisode "Climate Change" from 2009 is made during the opening ceremony for the 2009 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen.
  • The different, unfinished clip from the Eddisode "PowerEdd" (released on 31st December 2014) was first premiered at MCM London Comic-Con experience at ExCel London back in 2014.
  • Some people who worked on Eddsworld could be groomers, such as Hellucard, Jamie Spicer-Lewis, and PIPToons.
  • An unfinished opening sequence for The End "Part 1" (released on 9th March 2016) was first premiered at MCM London Comic-Con experience at ExCel London back in 2015, during Tom's panel stating that "The End" that was released "early next year." (which was 2016,) it was also originally being stated as the musical Eddisode, which later got cancelled and it was moved from the Eddisode "Trick or Threat" which became the musical Eddisode.
  • The font of the logo, and name from the credits was actually named as: "Eastwood" which was designed by Gaut Fonts, while Edd's Font on the other hand that used during the credits was designed by the same creator, Edd Gould.
  • Mr. Weebl (the creator of Weebl and Bob, Cat Face, and Badger Badger Badger) was sometimes involved from the show, especially having cameos with Weebl and Bob, and his character were often appeared in "Casting Call."
  • Edd Gould also worked on some asdfmovie videos beginning from asdfmovie 2 until his death in 2012, his notable role is the "I Like Trains" kid.
  • The Eddsworld sticker that Edd Gould placed in was spotted at the Coca-Cola vending machine in Thrope Park in the UK back in 2009, but has since removed.[[1]]



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