F is For Family

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F is For Family
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"And as God as my witness, I will put you through that f**king wall!" - Frank Murphy.
Genre: Animated sitcom
Black comedy
Running Time: 25–29 minutes
Country: United States
Release Date: December 18, 2015 – present
Network(s): Netflix
Created by: Bill Burr
Michael Price
Distributed by: Gaumont International Television
Starring: Bill Burr
Laura Dern
Justin Long
Debi Derryberry
Sam Rockwell
Seasons: 4
Episodes: 36

F is For Family is an American adult animated comedy series released on Netflix in 2015. It is created by comedian Bill Burr, and Simpsons producer, Michael Price.


The life and adventures of the Murphy family and the struggles they face in their lives.

Why It Rocks

  1. It is Netflix's done right version of Shout Factory's ill-fated and short lived series, The Goode Family, and Channel 4's infamously godawful Full English.
  2. It deal's with life problems and struggles that people at Frank's age would have in real life in a mature matter.
  3. The Murphy Family themselves are really engaging and likable.
  4. Like with BoJack Horseman, each season leads to a story arc. As each episode links together in one big story.
  5. Excellent voice talents, which includes Bill Burr (the show's creator), Debi Derryberry, Kevin Michael Richardson, and Justin Long (who later ends up in another animated Netflix original).
  6. The episode "F is For Halloween" has hilarious moments where Mareen dresses up as male characters (and especially a Nazi) which annoys Frank.
  7. Bill looks a little bit like Laney Penn and Luluco.
  8. The Nickle and Pickle Show (in color) seems interesting.
  9. The art style is very well drawn.
  10. The concept of the show being set in a past decade is a great concept. This carried out to shows and movies that are made to be set in past decades such as Happy Days (which is a sitcom set in the 1950s), The Goldbergs (which is a sitcom set in the 1980s), That '70s Show (a sitcom set in the 1970s), and Captain Marvel (which that movie is set in the 1990s back when Stan Lee was alive).
  11. The Fat Albert reference was funny.

Bad Qualities

  1. Frank, our main protagonist, can be a bit unlikable. But not as unlikable as Ken Lavender from Full English.
  2. The animation isn't as appealing to the eyes of some people.
  3. Like what the problem is with The Breakfast Club, most of the time, the behaviors the family has (especially Kevin Murphy) are both poor or unacceptable. Either due to their bad habits (failing school is an example of this), anger and behavioral problems, or they argue and squabble with one or another.


  • The series is based on Bill Burr's childhood.
  • The series itself takes place in the 1970's, season one took place in 1973, and season two took place in 1974 after the season one finale.
  • The show's theme song is Redbone's "Come and Get Your Love".




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F is for family who do stuff together... NOT YOU MOTHERF**KER!


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Family Guy: Netfilx Edition

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