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Fairy Tail
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"I got a fire in my belly!"
Genre: Fantasy, Adventure Fiction
Running Time: 23-24 Minutes
Country: Japan
Release Date: October 12, 2009
– September 29, 2019
Network(s): TV Tokyo
Created by: Hiro Mashima
Seasons: 10
Episodes: 328
Next show: Fairytail: 100 Years Quest

Fairy Tail is a 2009 anime adaption of the 2006 manga of the same name.


A celestial wizard named Lucy Heartfilia meets Natsu Dragneel, a fire Dragon Slayer wizard, who is trying to figure out what happened to his foster father, Igneel, and Happy, a talking blue cat that can fly. After the meeting, Lucy is then kidnapped by a Bora of Prominence, who was pretending to be the Salamander of Fairy Tail, to be sold as a slave. Natsu rescues Lucy from her kidnapper and reveal to them that he is the real Salamander of Fairy Tail and uses Dragon Slayer magic, which is a lost form of magic. Natsu offers Lucy a membership into the Fairy Tail guild which she proudly accepts. During the anime, they go on various adventures along with other members of the same guild such as Erza Scarlet, Grey Fullbuster, and Happy.

Why It Rocks

  1. There are a lot of loveable and memorable characters here
    • Natsu Dragneel is a reckless and hotheaded (pun not intended) Fire Dragon Slayer Wizard, the son of Igneel, and the younger brother of the Dark Mage, Zeref Dragneel. Ever since the day that the dragons disappeared (July 7, X777), he (along with Wendy and Gajeel) spends the majority of the anime trying to find out what has happened to his foster parent Igneel, which later is explained in the Tartaros Arc. In the Alvarez Empire Arc, he was revealed to be E.N.D., a very powerful demon from the books of Xeref.
    • Lucy Heartfilia is a kind and caring person in the Fairy Tail guild. After the death of her mother, she left her life as a Heartfilia and her father to b follow her own path of independance. She genuinely cares about her Celestial Spirits as she did things for them during the Celestial Sprit Arc, as wel as her guild.
  2. There are a couple of funny running gags here such as Grey taking off his clothes in front of people, Natsu's motion sickness and the iconic WOW sound effect.
  3. Memorable and unforgettable lines such as "I got a fire in my belly!", "REQUIP!", and "Open! Gate of the (celestial spirits), (Celestial Spirit's name)".
  4. The villains are very interesting and cool, with examples such as Jellal, Zeref, Acnologia, and the Oración Seis.
  5. In the Zero Arc, we get to learn more about Mavis Vermillion as well as how she founded Fairy Tail.
  6. There are some sad touching moments such as when Zera was revealed to be an illusion and Lisanna reuniting with Elfman and Mirajane.
  7. Memorable and catchy openings such as "I Wish", "Fiesta", "Rock City Boys" and "Snow Fairy".
  8. A lot of the villains such as Jellal, Ultear, the Oración Seis and Leon later become allies of Fairy Tail.

Bad Qualities

  1. Some unlikeable characters such as Laxus (though he gets his comeuppance at the end of the Battle of Fairy Tail arc and becomes less egotistical and rude), Ichiya and his Edolas counterpart, Nichiya, Aquarius, and Karla.
    • In the Keys of The Starry Sky arc, there's a group of characters called the Jiggle Butt Gang. If you guessed by the title, they are a group of three characters with extremely large buttocks that only exists to shoehorn in fart and butt jokes, not to mention the hideous character designs too. After the aforementioned story arc, the Jiggle Butt Gang doesn't appear again and their disappearance isn't explained nor it is acknowledged by the characters, thus leaving a plot hole that'll never be resolved.
      • Though in episode 327, it was revealed that the Jiggle Butt Gang were fine after all when they appeared as a non-speaking role.
    • Elfman can be annoying since he says the word "Man" in most of his lines.
      • Ichiya is another character who does the exact same like Elfman
    • Juvia can be unlikable because of her creepy obsession with Grey and constant third-person speaking, to the point where she stalked him a few times while he was doing a job with Natsu and the others.
  2. Speaking of plotholes, there are a couple of them in the anime that weren't explained such as:
    • How did Zeref, The Magic Council, the Grimoire Heart guild and even Acnologia were able to find and access Tenrou Island, despite the island being impossible to find for outsiders, and can only be accessible to those that are apart of the Fairy Tail guild?
    • When Mavis went to explore some underwater temple, how did Yuri and Warrod know where she was even though Zera was unable to tell them and that they can't see her due to being an illusion?
    • How did Silver Fullbuster know who Ul was and that she sealed Deliora away despite being dead before his son, Grey, met Ur.
    • When Makarov was about to be killed by Xeref before being rescued by Mest/Doranbolt, how did Mest know where Makarov was in the Alvarez Empire arc,
  3. Mystogan (Edolas Jellal) was poorly utilized in the series, which is really disappointing since he has a very interesting backstory and a interesting character in general.
  4. It overuses the fake out death trope.




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