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"Trapped within an evil spell, powerful enough to last centuries. Until the dawn of a new millennium, heralds the return of Fantomcat!"
Genre: Action
Dark Fantasy
Running Time: 22 minutes
Country: United Kingdom
Release Date: 7 September 1995 - 18 December 1996
Network(s): ITV
Created by: Andy Roper
Distributed by: ITV Studios
Starring: Robert Powell
Lorelei King
Rob Rackstraw
Jimmy Hibbert
Seasons: 2
Episodes: 26

Fantomcat is a British animated series created by Andy Roper and produced by Cosgrove Hall, it follows the titular Fantomcat, who was imprisoned in a painting on the 31th of December 1699 by his arch-nemesis Baron Von Skelter. 300 years later, he awakens in Metrocity and joins with Tabbs Wildcat, MacDuff and Lindbergh to foil the evil plots of the spider Marmagorma and her henchman Vile.

Why It Rocks

  1. Likable and interesting characters like Fantomcat and Tabbs.
  2. It has interesting plots, like a scorpion working for Marmagorma faking being a hero via organised crimes to make Fantomcat seem like old news, Tabbs being kidnapped by an evil alien named The Monitor, who forces Fantomcat and co. to solve his riddles, a demon from the past being reawakened by Marmagorma to kill Fantomcat and Fantomcat and MacDuff being sent back in time.
  3. The music is well-done.
  4. Marmagorma and Vile are good antagonists and their interactions are rather humorous.
    • The other major villains, Baron Von Skelter, The Monitor and Nemesis are also cool.
    • Even many of the one-shot villains are rather memorable, threatening and cool, like The Monk, Scorpio, the Chameleon Brothers and Rahr.
  5. It takes its audience seriously, not being afraid to show violence, death, religious themes and even mild cursing. Despite the mature content, the series can be rather humorous and witty at the same time.
  6. Good episodes like "The Hero Returns" (the pilot), "The Praying Mantis", "Swords of the Scorpion" and "The Crystal of Nemesis".

Bad Qualities

  1. The animation can look quite bad and pretty cheap at times, though the good writing makes up for it.
  2. Lindburgh can be an annoying character because of how hard it is to understand what he's saying.


  • Only the first 10 episodes could be found online in English, the rest are in Serbian or outright lost media. Thankfully, BritBox announnced they would put the series on their service. Though the episode "The Manhattan Incident" is missing due to it featuring the Twin Towers.


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