Feed the Kitty (Looney Tunes)

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Feed the Kitty is a 1952 Looney Tunes cartoon directed by Chuck Jones and written by Mike Maltese. The cartoon was notable for marking the debut of Marc Anthony and Pussyfoot.

Why It Rocks

  1. Pussyfoot is very adorable on this cartoon.
  2. Marc Anthony is also enjoyable as well.
  3. Marc Anthony and Pussyfoot's relationship with each other makes them more likable.
  4. The plot with Marc Anthony adopting Pussyfoot and trying to keep it safe from his owner is very original and sweet.
  5. Solid animation as usual.
  6. Wonderful music by Carl Stalling.
  7. Marc Anthony's facial expressions are very well animated, expressive and emotional.
  8. The cartoon turns from gentle to surprisingly dark once Marc Anthony thinks that Pussyfoot is getting turned into a cookie.
  9. A few funny moments such as Pussyfoot clawing Marc Anthony to sleep on his back.


The cartoon was voted #36 in the 50 Greatest Cartoons book.


  • The 2001 Disney/Pixar film Monsters, Inc.GMW features a scene that directly references Feed the Kitty. In this scene, Sulley, believing Boo has been crushed in a trash compactor, exhibits the same reactions as Marc Anthony in the cartoon.
  • The South Park episode "Coon vs. Coon and Friends" recreates scenes from Feed the Kitty with Cartman acting as Pussyfoot and Cthulhu as Marc Anthony in his "cute kitten" routine.
  • Chuck Jones intended the scene with Marc Anthony thinking Pussyfoot was being turned into a cookie to be funny, but was surprised at how poignant the scene turned out.


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