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First Day of School (Bizaardvark)

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First Day of School (Bizaardvark)
What a great way to start a new season, and this is what Victoriousfirst episode should have been.
Series: Bizaardvark
Part of Season: 2
Episode Number: 1
Air Date: June 23, 2017
Writer: Kyle Stegina
Josh Lehrman
Director: Bob Koherr
Previous episode: In Your Space! (season 1)
Next episode: Chocolate Bananas

First Day of School is the Season 2 premiere of Bizaardvark and the twenty-first overall. It first aired on June 23, 2017 to 1.49 million viewers.


Paige and Frankie take on public high school but quickly discover life at Sierra High is not what they thought it would be - Dirk, a recent Sierra grad and legend, tries to help Bernie and Amelia acclimate to their new school.

Why It Rocks

  1. The video Paige and Frankie made in the beginning was very funny.
  2. Paige, Frankie, Amelia and Bernie moving to a new school was a great way to start the season.
  3. The subplot was interesting.
  4. The writing was great.
  5. Principal Karen is super funny in this episode.
    • Though it can get annoying when she tries to be hip to the students.
  6. Frankie attempts to fit in is hilarious.
  7. The characters get better starting with this season and are more likable than usual, especially Paige, Frankie, Amelia, Bernie, Dirk, and Principle Karen.
  8. Funny quotes such as “Aw, Poops & Farts” and “Hey! We both have backpacks! *screams*”.
  9. The song “New School Superstars” was very decent.
  10. New sets such as:
    • The kitchen in Frankie’s house.
    • Sierra High School.
  11. The ending is really good as it’s Paige comforting Frankie about how she doesn’t have to change her ways and bizaardvark meets their fans.
  12. While it does feel like a rehash of the "Pilot" from Victorious, this episode is surprisingly the done-right version of that terrible episode, which is very unique for an otherwise bad show.

The Only Bad Quality

  1. It kind of feels a rehash of the first episode of Victorious as both episodes is about a girl trying to fit in at a new high school. However, what’s surprising is that this is not only Victorious’ "Pilot" done right, but this is also a rare case of a "good episode of a bad show’s plot being similar to a bad episode of a good show's plot".


  • Frankie adopts a shorter hairstyle.