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Flying Rhino Junior High

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"Anything is possible at Flying Rhino Junior High!"

Flying Rhino Junior High is a French-Canadian animated television series produced by Neurones Animation, Nelvana Limited, and STV Productions. It originally aired from October 3, 1998 to January 22, 2000 on CBS in the United States, Teletoon in Canada, Cartoon Network in the United Kingdom and TF1 in France. Reruns used to be shown on Scottish Television in Scotland. Reruns moved to YTV in 2011.

Why it Rocks

  1. Decent Animation.
  2. Memorable Characters.
  3. The Phantom aka Earl P. Sidebottom was a funny & enjoyable villain.
  4. Catchy theme song.
  5. Some enjoyable & hilarious episodes.
  6. Some funny moments.

Bad Qualities

  1. The episodes can be a bit repetitive.
  2. Some few Unlikable Moments
  3. The designs of some of the characters may seem ugly or weird, depending on your view.


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