Four Heads Are Better Than Two (Danger Mouse)

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Four Heads Are Better Than Two (Danger Mouse)






No they aren't.
Series: Danger Mouse (1981)
Part of Season: 4
Air Date: April 25, 1983 (Episode 1)

April 26, 1983 (Episode 2)
April 27, 1983 (Episode 3)
April 28, 1983 (Episode 4)
April 29, 1983 (Episode 5)

Writer: Brian Trueman
Director: Brian Cosgrove
Run Time 5 minutes (Part of episode)
25 minutes (Single episode)
17 minutes (Single episode minus cliff hanger and recap)
Previous episode: Planet of the Cats
Next episode: Tower of Terror

I have no idea/sandbox is the sixth episode of the fourth series of Danger Mouse (1981) and the overall 28th episode.


Colonel K tries to increase productivity by giving DM a robot Penfold and Penfold a robot DM.

Why It Rocks

  1. If Colonel K didn't try to increase productivity by separating Danger Mouse and Penfold with robots, this episode wouldn't be funny.
  2. Penfold getting stuck in the gate
  3. That moment when Robot Penfold says Oh crumbs over and over again
  4. Robot Penfold chatting up the parking meter
  5. The robots say "Good grief, oh crumbs, Penfold shush, coming chief, come on Penfold" for no reason

Bad Qualities

  1. Sadly, if you grew up as a British kid in 1983, you only got five minutes, then had to wait the next day for five more minutes until Episode 5.
  2. Some of the other Penfold lines weren't used.
  3. We only got 17 minutes of this humor.


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