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Fox Kids

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Before Blue Sky Studios released Ice Age, but after Terrytoons, there was this.

Fox Kids was a children's television block, subsidiary of the Fox Broadcasting Company's American children's programming division and brand name from September 8, 1990 until September 7, 2002.

Why It's Been Foxy

  1. It was one of the best children's television programming blocks.
  2. It has some good and memorable shows like:
  3. The block aired both on the Weekdays and Saturday mornings.
  4. Its 1998-1999 season is the most-watched season that Fox Kids ever had, with very creative on-air graphics, bumpers and promos.
  5. Most of the fans still remember watching these shows on TV, or reruns online.
  6. Fox Kids had a strong rivalry with Kids' WB.
  7. Many cool looking bumpers and promos to watched.
  8. There also have a website to play games or watched videos.

Bad Qualities

  1. Some awful shows that the block aired included Angela Anaconda, The Ripping Friends, Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation, etc.
  2. Fox Kids treated some shows like crap. For example, The New Woody Woodpecker Show which aired on the Saturday block for 4 months and moved to the sweet slot at 4:30PM to be replaced by Power Rangers Lost Galaxy. Season 2 of Woody Woodpecker was supposed to air in Fall 2000 but Digimon messed up the schedule, but it premiered in September 2001 where it aired at 2PM with a lot of pre-emptions. The weekday block ended in December 2001. Season 3 of Woody Woodpecker began airing in May 2002 and ended in July 2002. The block and the show disappeared 2 months later...
    Another example of this is Oggy and the Cockroaches. It premiered in September 1998 and only aired for 6 months.


  • The block was later replaced by FoxBox (due to the program by 4Kids) and then later 4Kids TV.
  • Most of the Fox Kids/Saban library (including the shows that were based on Marvel Comics) were currently streaming on Disney+, and while some other shows, such as Power Rangers, Digimon and The Tick were streaming on other services.



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