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Full House

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This page is dedicated to Bob Saget (1956-2022).

Full House
"Everywhere you look."
Genre: Sitcom
Running Time: 21–25 minutes
Country: United States
Release Date: September 22, 1987 – May 23, 1995
Network(s): ABC
Created by: Jeff Franklin
Distributed by: Warner Bros. Television Distribution
Starring: John Stamos
Bob Saget
Dave Coulier
Candace Cameron
Jodie Sweetin
Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen
Lori Loughlin
Andrea Barber
Seasons: 8
Episodes: 192

Full House is an American television sitcom that aired on ABC from September 22, 1987, to May 23, 1995.


When Danny Tanner's wife dies, the San Francisco sportscaster gets support in the form of two new roommates: brother-in-law and party boy Jesse, and his stand-up comic friend, Joey. The duo helps out with raising the three Tanner daughters: D.J, Stephanie and Michelle.

Why It Rocks

  1. The theme song is well done and catchy.
  2. The characters are all likable and memorable, like Danny, Jesse, Joey, Becky, D.J, Stephanie, and Michelle.
  3. Top-notched acting from everyone.
  4. Many great and memorable episodes, such as:
    • "Our Very First Show" (which started the series on a high note)
    • "Our Very First Night"
    • "The First Day of School"
    • "Sisterly Love"
    • "Cutting It Close" (which started Season 2 on a high note)
    • "Tanner vs. Gibbler"
    • "D.J.'s Very First Horse"
    • "Beach Boy Bingo"
    • "Middle Age Crazy"
    • "Baby Love"
    • "Goodbye Mr. Bear"
    • "Luck Be a Lady (Parts 1 & 2)" (which ended Season 2 on a high note)
    • "Tanner's Island" (which started Season 3 on a high note)
    • "Back to School Blues"
    • "Nerd for a Day"
    • "Granny Tanny"
    • "Aftershocks"
    • "Misadventures in Babysitting"
    • "Those Better Not Be the Days"
    • "Our Very First Telethon" (which ended Season 3 on a high note)
    • "Greek Week" (which started Season 4 on a high note)
    • "Crimes and Michelle's Demeanor"
    • "Slumber Party"
    • "Shape Up"
    • "Danny in Charge"
    • "Working Girl"
    • "Stephanie Gets Framed"
    • "The Wedding (Parts 1 & 2)"
    • "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun"
    • "Rock the Cradle" (which ended Season 4 on a high note)
    • "Double Trouble" (which started Season 5 on a high note)
    • "Matchmaker Michelle"
    • "Take My Sister, Please"
    • "Happy Birthday, Babies" (Parts 1 & 2)
    • "Sisters in Crime"
    • "Too Much Monkey Business"
    • "The Devil Made Me Do It"
    • "Driving Miss D.J."
    • "Girls Will Be Boys"
    • "Captain Video (Parts 1 & 2)" (which ended Season 5 on a high note)
    • "Come Fly with Me" (which started Season 6 on a high note)
    • "The Long Goodbye"
    • "Road to Tokyo"
    • "Lovers and Other Tanners"
    • "The Play's the Thing"
    • "Silence Is Not Golden"
    • "Prom Night"
    • "The House Meets the Mouse" (Parts 1 & 2)" (which ended Season 6 on a high note)
    • "It Was a Dark and Stormy Night" (which started Season 7 on a high note)
    • "Fast Friends"
    • "Smash Club: The Next Generation"
    • "High Anxiety"
    • "The Prying Game"
    • "Is It True About Stephanie?"
    • "The Test"
    • "The Last Dance"
    • "Love on the Rocks"
    • "A Date with Fate"
    • "A House Divided" (which ended Season 7 on a high note)
    • "Comet's Excellent Adventure" (which started Season 8 on a high note)
    • "Making Out Is Hard to Do"
    • "To Joey, With Love"
    • "Claire and Present Danger"
    • "Stephanie's Wild Ride"
    • "Under the Influence"
    • "D.J.'s Choice"
    • "Taking the Plunge"
    • "Leap of Faith"
    • "All Stood Up"
    • "Michelle Rides Again (Parts 1 & 2)" (which ended the series on a high note, despite ending on a cliffhanger)
  5. Steve Urkel from Family Matters makes a cameo appearance in "Stephanie Gets Framed".
  6. Sometimes tackles serious issues, such as:
    • Childhood Trauma ("Aftershocks")
    • Smoking ("Fast Friends")
    • Eating Disorders ("Shape Up")
    • Child Abuse ("Silence is Not Golden")
    • Death ("The Last Dance")
    • Underage Drinking ("Under the Influence")
    • Underage Marriage ("Taking the Plunge")
    • Memory Loss ("Michelle Rides Again (Parts 1 & 2)")
  7. Many hilarious jokes and running gags, such as:
    • Michelle's catchphrases: "You Got It Dude!" and "You're in Big Trouble, Mr!"
    • Stephanie's catchphrase: "How Rude!"
    • Jesse's catchphrase: "Have Mercy!"
    • Joey doing impressions of cartoon characters
    • Danny being a neat freak
  8. Some cute and funny moments with Michelle, even if the acting from the Olsen twins is not that great.
  9. Its sequel, Fuller House holds up the legacy pretty well, despite its flaws.

Bad Qualities

  1. Some bad episodes, such as:
    • "Support Your Local Parents"
    • "You Pet It, You Bought It"
    • "My Left Foot and My Right Foot"
  2. Some of the characters don't really have much memorable personalities.
  3. The sequel, Fuller House holds up the legacy pretty well, but unfortunately, it had some flaws that were not present in the original, especially in its first season. But thankfully, it did improve in the later seasons.
  4. The later seasons sometimes put too much focus on Michelle.
  5. Some jokes can be painfully unfunny.
  6. Unfortunately, it ended on a cliffhanger.


  • Jesse was originally named "Uncle Adam", until John Stamos decided that he liked "Jesse" better.
  • Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen got the part of Michelle because they were the only twin babies that didn't cry at the audition.
  • Bob Saget considered leaving the show after the first season due to his disapproval of the writing and story lines.
  • By the sixth season, the Olsen twins started to look so different from each other to the point that most audiences could tell them apart. The producers considered just giving Mary-Kate Olsen the role. However, their fan base at the time was so huge, and co-star John Stamos didn't want one twin to leave the show, so both girls were kept in the role.
  • Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen appeared together onscreen four times during the show's run.
  • At first, the producers didn't want viewers to know that Michelle was played by twins. Originally, they were credited as Mary-Kate Ashley Olsen. In the eighth and final season, however, they were credited as Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen respectively.
  • In order for Michelle to get involved with comedic and serious moments, Mary-Kate Olsen chose to do the former while Ashley Olsen did the latter.
  • Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen nearly left the show after the first season because their real-life mother was concerned about them missing out on having a "normal" childhood. After a significant raise in salary from the show's producers, she agreed to let them continue. Their mother also let them stay due to the fact that they became so popular.